$25,698 excess wear charge for leased BMW X1!?


I returned my leased 2019 BMW X1 in December 2022. I only drove 13,000 miles on it during the 3 year lease. When I returned it, they did the inspection, everything went fine and I paid the disposition fee.

I got a letter in the mail today that I owe $25,000. $25,000 !!! Apparently they had to replace the engine!? Wtf. I specifically remember when I returned the car to the service center, they did the check and asked us to drive it across the street to the sales center to return. My partner commented that there was a ticking sound that was not there when we dropped off the car. I thought nothing of it since we completed the inspection and everything was done.

Now they’re saying the engine needed to be replaced. What the absolute fu*k. The car was barely driven, I brought it in for scheduled maintenance and oil changes. There was nothing wrong with it over the 3 years that I had it. What can I do to dispute this!?? I plan to get a lawyer involved if they expect me to pay.

I have no reason to doubt your story, but what have you done to try to resolve this so far? Have you called BMWFS or BMWNA customer relations?

If you drove the car in, I can’t see how they’re charging you for an engine, and even if they were, they would have to prove that you somehow caused the damage to the engine? Did you not service the car doing the course of the lease? Anything that could make them possibly try to put this liability on you?

We need so much more information.

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Sounds like it still should have been in warranty unless they can prove it failed due to abuse or neglect? :man_shrugging:


I called BMW finance to ask about the charge. I initially thought it was a mistake as the bill they sent had no information as to what it was for. The lady on the phone had no idea what to do, she was very empathetic. She asked me to call again tomorrow to speak to the supervisor.

I took it in to service 1-2x a year.

I leased the car from San Rafael (when I lived in CA), returned it to Seattle BMW dealership (moved here in 2022).

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You need to ask them what proof they have that you somehow damaged the engine, despite having service records, the car being in warranty the entire time you had it, and despite the fact you drove it in to return it.


This is gonna sound crazy but did BMWFS actually verify the bill? This could be a scam.

Based on his reply about the phone agent being empathetic, I’d imagine it’s legit.

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It is legit. The woman I spoke to on the phone was trying to figure out what happened. She mentioned something about it going to auction, and having to replace the engine.

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Oof so dealer didnt catch it and they had a shitshow at auction.


Not sure I am following. When did your partner hear the ticking sound? Are you saying the service center did something that caused the ticking sound?

He thinks something may have happened during the inspection. He drove my car in and there was no sound. He has a background in car mechanics.

When we picked up the car after the inspection and drove it across the street, he said there was a ticking sound that sounded like the rod knock.

They still have to prove that you caused the engine failure. The powertrain failed at a spectacularly terrible time, but it warranty should cover it. Sounds like you also serviced the car regularly. If BMWFS can’t remedy it, time to lawyer up.


BMW 4-cyl engines can sound like they’re ticking from the injectors.


You wouldn’t have to replace an entire engine if there were bad injectors agh

I know, I’m just saying, they do sound kind of tick-y normally for lack of a better term.


Yah, I’m just frustrated at this entire situation.

Sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing. Probably, need to take full video with the car driving before turn in the car for future.
Btw, the lease should have positive equity. Why would you return that instead of trade in for positive equity?


Not sure what you mean by positive equity. I just wanted to return the car asap as I was barely driving it.

Dispute the charge with the supervisor and get a report on the charges. Not legal advice.

Was the vehicle in warranty when you returned it?