23 Mercedes EQS 4matic SUV Exclusive Trim ($682/mo with $0 down) OR

Shoutout to the forum, would have never known about this deal. DMed a forum member who gave me an excellent contact to work with at MB Portland - no BS, no bait and switch - just pointed out the stock number I wanted and what numbers I was expecting. He put it all together, a few days later I was signing a contract for the exact same numbers in the calculator that he sent.


I highly recommend this Sales Manager and Dealer (MB of Portland). Very easy to work with and everything remote.


Glad to hear MB Portland are still straight shooters. Had a good experience with them a few years ago

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Good deal - congrats! Pics or it never happened :joy:

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Hi I am in WA, can you help me connect with this dealer and see if he can lease me a similiar one?

Why is it only $9k worth of rebates?
And it’s a 450, not 580?

Yes a 450 4matic

9k of rebates as 3k of fleet is taken off as a discount on sale price (instead of the traditional 12500 in rebates) - that’s how it appears on contracts in some states due to regulations. Effectively discount was 14.5% off MSRP then 3k more.

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Do you know if they ship cars outside of Oregon?

I called MB Portland, they told me this was a special that was only avalaible for the last week of april. They are waiting to see if MB is going to promote any new specias like this, but now this deal is not replicable.

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Yeah it’s going to be awhile before this happens again. RVs for May dropped 4%.


For those asking for contact info:

For those asking for contact:

Dale Acelar

Did you ask the dealer / salesperson if it was okay to publicly post their contact details?


This was a week ago. I doubt that the dealer is going to do this again

The hordes blowing up his phone don’t GAF.

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Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I doubt this deal is replicable in May.

Who wouldn’t play ball on their last week of the month?

Clearly not you guys with your hidden markups

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Why do you need this answered? Of course I did and he even asked me to

Probably not given the drop in RV of 4%

If there is a deal to be had, Dale will do everything he can to get it done.

I’m glad he convinced me to do this deal in April as he predicted the RVs would drop and can’t even get close to 900 now with the new numbers.

I am not really sure what that means, but okay. But I am happy that you got the deal that you wanted!