'22 Nissan Frontier 4x2 S (TX) $9040 One pay lease ($367 effective per month with TX tax)


$9040 one pay
24 months / 10k miles
Dealer addons - heat resistant Tint, all weather floor mats, windshield and scratch protection for the lease duration, wheel locks, door edge guards. They charged $1800 for these items.

The dealer let me put everything on my Credit card, will be getting a 2% cash back (effective monthly would be $367 pm)

Sold my 4xe recently and waiting on $8k check from local CJDR Dealer, will pay the credit card off and drive the truck for minimal out of pocket next 2 years.

I got similar deals with some brokers here but I have to pay additional shipping costs and broker fees. So, just went with the local dealer.

The truck has all safety features even for a base model (BSM, FCW, pedestrian braking etc.,) I think all manufacturers should do this too. Creature comforts like heated seats etc., can be sold as packages.


You should post something like Leased a 4xE for nothing and walked away with a 2yr lease on a Frontier for $1000…lol

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Congrats! What became of the recall status? Did they explain everything?

True, I also paid broker fees for my 4xe lease, first month down at the dealer ship and uber ($100) to pickup the Jeep, After everything I probably would end up $2k out of pocket for frontier lease! :slight_smile:

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They mentioned not all VINs are recalled. I checked mine at NHTSA and Nissan USA and no recalls as of now. however, I am using the parking brake all the time just to be safe.

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Please use the parking brake AT ALL TIMES…why don’t people do this?

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I never used parking brake until I bought my manual FR-S. People usually don’t use it as they don’t hear lot of accidents related to vehicles rolling away. I will use it from now on even after (if) my truck is recalled and repaired.

I don’t use it for this reason, I use it because the car rocking back and forth makes me dizzy each time I park the car without the parking brake. Plus the wear and tear on the parking pawl.

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Congrats on the new ride but let’s keep the facts straight instead of the “lease equity isn’t real money” narrative that’s starting to infiltrate LH. You’ll be paying $9,000+ to drive that truck for 2 years.

That check you deposited from the 4XE, that money isn’t any different from a paycheck from work or equity from selling a house. Money is money.


Mine rocks back and forth alittle. Cmon, using the parking brake is alittle excessive.

OP, congrats . You gonna love it. Very versatile truck and has good pep from the V6 engine. Enjoy.

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True, It’s not free money. I earned it from lease hacking just like my day job but a little bit more fun this way.

I would have leased it anyways, It’s a fun little truck. I drove Jeeps from 2013 (JK, TJ, JL, JL 4xe (2)), wanted to drive a truck and we moved to tx last year. I test drove tacoma, gladiator and frontier. didn’t like tacoma, gladiator is expensive and it’s similar to wranglers, so went with frontier for now.

Hello @wrangler005 - do you mind sharing or PMing the broker you used?

4xe broker - @Clutch

Frontier - no broker. I went old fashioned, reached out to all dealers < 250 miles from my home town. After some hurdles, landed this at Sterling Nissan in Houston. I can DM my salesperson details if you’re interested.

Appreciate the quick reply. I’m good for now, thanks!

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