'22 GLB 250 Deal Check (Finance)

Hey guys.

Trying to secure a CPO GLB for a family member and went back and fourth with a few dealers in the area. They prefer not to go far for a better deal, so was limited in my options.

CPO 2022 Merecedes-Benz GLB 250

Mileage: 11k
MSRP: $47,001
Selling Price(before any further discount): $41,840
Selling Price: $38,700 (around 6% off)
Gov Fee: $97.00
Doc Fee: $899.00
Taxes: $1,664.77(right around, not exact) 0.0415
Total: $41,360

I’ve seen better deals across the country since it seems the GLB isn’t as desirable? I feel we can do better in terms of discount, but just wanted to some eyes on it as I haven’t negotiated on this class of car/Merc products in general. Nothing is finalized yet, but looking to sign soon. Not keeping the car long as well. They’ll want to sell with in a year so, interest isn’t much of a concern with the crap economy.

Also is the $899 doc fee marked up or is that typical of MB?

appreciate the help in advance

Doc fee is definitely not $899. What was the mileage on CPO?


Added that now.

Where have you seen a better deal?

What are brand new ones and loaners going for?

West-coast primarily, which is why I don’t think its too comparable. Only around 15 with the spec/options within 100 miles.

The doc fee is set by the dealer not Mercedes.

In VA and a lot of the south a doc fee of $700-$900 is very common.

Nothing unusual here unfortunately, only thing you can do is negotiate a larger discount or go to another dealer (or state) where the doc fee isn’t as high.

VA doc fee is in that range. OP might be able to knock a few hundred more bucks off if the dealer is motivated.

Usually the MB fee you see marked up is the Acquisition fee, but since this is a finance that’s not at play here.