22' BMW 750i xDrive

After a few weeks of back/forth, this is the best Ive got from a local dealer. Any input on whether it is worthy of signing would be appreciated. Current 7 lease is ending, and this would be a “temp” until the car ive ordered is delivered (likely end of the year)

2022 BMW 750i

MSRP: ~$115k
Selling Price: ~$97k
Incentives: $4K
Adj Selling Price: ~$93K

MF: ~.0025 (Marked up, I know…guess they’re making up for the MSRP discount)
Drive off $2100 (First payment, dealer fees, registration/plates)

Month: $1470 inc tax (roughly 10.25%)

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What’s the other car you are waiting for? Isn’t a 750ix a bit risky to lease just to drive for 6 months? If you are okay with being stuck with it that’s another story.

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Have you already taken advantage of the 2 month extension BMWFS is apparently offering most lessees these days?

Is the next vehicle on order also a BMW? Apparently you can get an extension till it comes in w/ a verifiable order.

It seems like the transaction costs are kind of high for a “6 month vehicle” however you have done the research on this.

It is another BMW. BMW fs has already extended my current 24mo lease for 6 mo and can’t extend any further.

Anything is possible but I wouldn’t bet on anyone taking this.

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I love it. You won’t have any equity in this deal but the payment for right now is fantastic. Great deal. 18 k off msrp is amazing. Take it and transfer it to me when you are done. You will get another 2k off from bmw cca.

Nope. I am ready to take it over from you in 6 months.

How do I get the 2K from bmw CCA?
Their website says $1k lease rebates. Do I just sign up for the annual plan? Do all dealerships honor this? Can it be stacked with other rebates?

Just read the bit where it says members are eligible for the rebate after 1 year/6mo of having the membership…

It can be stacked but if you don’t already have the membership, it’s too late for right now. There’s a 6 month lockout period if you get a 3+ year membership, or 12 months if you get something shorter. Still a good idea to invest in if you’re a Bimmer person for the long haul. 7 series appears to be a 1k rebate right now - not sure if @inper was referring to something else?


Most definitely, will be signing up! Thanks!

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Ok yeah it’s 1k cca rebate. Used to be more than that on 7 series :slight_smile:

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