21 Highlander XSE 404mth 2700das terms 36/10 - NY


Hi everyone,

Would like your feedback on this deal. I’m moving forward with it tomorrow morning and looks good to me. It’s in NY.

MSRP $44,928
Selling price $41,000 (after 1500 lease cash and loyalty)
MF .00143
10k/36 mos
8.875% queens tax rate

Thanks all!

so < 6% dealer discount, prob less than 5 as I don’t know what loyalty amount is (don’t count your incentives of loyalty and 1500 lease cash) towards dealer discount.

if you have shopped around the price you would know if the price is fair for current market conditions and depending on location.

Yes but xse are a pain to get a hold of.

Please edit your title to include the vehicle being discussed here.

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Honestly, not all that good. It’s just OK
In CA it leases for just over 40k before rebates. And invoice is 42.
So they aren’t even giving to you at invoice.

So maybe negotiate a little harder?


I don’t broker in NY but use my numbers as a guide


What’s so special about and XSE vs an XLE? it’s not like Toyota actually infuses any real sportiness into the XSE

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What should I target for before incentives? When I check Carquote.com I’m at 40800 and that’s with incentives and only 200 below where I’m at with the car

it looks different compared to the XLE and other trims.

You seem to be getting a much more aggressive discount off the top.

If I adjust with NYS taxes I get 266 with taxes, fees, 1st month upfront.

Take the MSD’s out, you can’t use MSD with a NYS dealer

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You can’t use MSDs w an out of state dealer either, w Toyota

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As if we needed another reason why NYS sucks :slight_smile:


Ah okay got it. Pm’d you

The Highlander hybrid XLE deal posted recently was $329 plus tax all-in. You’re at like $475 all-in. Which is just way too much for a mid-trim Highlander

You’ll have to check the RV, MF and incentives for your zip to see where the difference lies but I suspect most of the difference is in lack of dealer discount

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