21 330e loaner, 410/month, 4k DAS

This is not a deal I would sign myself, but helped my parents since their lease expired, just posting as a reference. Could have gone worse. I figured people would need a distraction from the 4xe thread.

Made a bet that Oct would be better than Aug, and was proven very wrong. This market sucks.

This is the best deal I came across. I either encountered markups or really weak discounts. I posted the worst offer below, which is quite frankly, hilarious.

MSRP: 48345
Discount: 5400
Selling price: 42945
Rebates: 3000 - loyalty + lease cash.
DAS: 4k → 2.9k cap cost reduction (something that was done against my advice)
MF: 0.00136 :poop:
Monthly: 410 + tax
Term: 36 months, 12k/yr
MSDs: none.

You may ask why I didn’t just order a 2022 - rebates. Theres like 2500 extra rebates on 2021 330e’s.

Again, this market sucks. Glad I decided to lease my 540i in Jan.

And for fun, see attached:


$5k market adjustment on a demo :joy:

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Assuming you could not talk your parents into running away from BMW for there lease.

They were adamant about getting a PHEV something, so that eliminated quite a few options. I tried to get them into a 4xe but failed.

Seems like a decent amount, in this market. How much could you possibly expect?

OP was that the initial offer from the dealership?

Original offer from them was a discount of $1600. Presented my offer of 12% with base, and they came back with this.

The deal you posted is 11% at max mf markup. I’m confused. Was the initial offer in august?

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Is paying $5k over MSRP for a loaner/demo with 3k miles, a decent amount?

I definitely misread that question. I edited to reflect the correct amounts, initial offer from the dealer was 1600 off msrp, I countered with 12% and base, and they came back with this.

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That Palm Springs deal is garbage. I posted it because I thought people would find it funny.


Thanks for the sanity check. I certainly found it funny :grin:

I was just terribly confused with @Alex_K saying the 5k markup was a decent amount :laughing:

Oh… “adjustment”… I glanced at it and thought it was a discount. :rofl:

Oh man, thank goodness! When we get to a point where paying over for a loaner/demo is considered normal, we’re really all screwed :joy:

LMAO at that Palm Springs quote. Did you ask them if you could use your Lamborghini Aventador as a trade-in to give you sufficient CCR to afford the monthly on that base 3-series?


you are kidding right?

My 13% off deal on a 2018 330e was from Palm Springs, waybackwhen. Can’t label a dealer, their bad deals helped them keep us hackers happy with good deals.

BMW of Palm Springs was like this even pre-COVID. I emailed them and asked for 12% off a BMW i3 in November 2019. I got a counter offer for 5%. I explained that I alreay had something at 10% and thanked for the offer with “Thank you for entertaining my offer.” Apparently the sales person was pissed off by the word “entertain” and sent me a long email to “educate” me, which really opened my eyes :joy:.

I got a quote from BMW of Palm Springs pre-covid for an M550i. It was extremely high even with an $8500 discount. I ended up getting my M550i from BMW of Bakersfield for much less :sunglasses: