20th Anniversary Rubicon 4xe and 392 Package Details and Pricing &

The real question is
Are the major dealers going to discount these too?

Looks like the 37s is a AEV upgrade not directly thru jeep

Per the article:

“Twenty years ago, a small group of enthusiastic Jeep engineers affectionately known as the ‘Lunatic Fringe,’ with grit and determination and their personal credit cards, designed, engineered and developed the most capable Wrangler yet – the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – and overdelivered on everyone’s expectations because they knew it was what Jeep customers wanted,” said Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep brand North America”

Do you really think that Chrysler/Jeep/FCA/DaimlerChrysler/Stellantis (or whatever they were) employees designed the Rubicon with the aid of their own personal credit cards for what can only be assumed to be R&D?

Seems to be a strange circumstance and an even more strange “fact” to admit.

You must be new to the Jeep (Wrangler) community…

No, but it is odd from the automotive engineering standpoint nonetheless.

Look into history of the z3 clownshoe. Aka z3m. Tons of engineers build stuff behind companies backs.

I think the 1M was a similar story.

Yep, the “rogue engineer in the basement” stories make for good interest generation.

Reality is likely different, at least in the last 30 years.

You know who owns jeep/ram/dodge now? They fired whole srt group day 1. The french want us all driving around on electric bicycles powered by methane from eating croissants.

I am not suprised by this fact and many engineers build rogue projects. Some come to production.

Yep, I think it has happened in the past. I don’t believe in the automotive/corporate climate of the last 30 years it really had happened the way that it is spun by the manufacturers.

Marketing a great (and almost certainly exaggerated) story is sales gold.

I’m here for the croissants :croissant:
…and to hear about a lease/drive/dump potential on a 392 20th anniversary. Sounds like a gimmicky marketing badge.

It is
The aev upgrade is over 20k :joy::joy:

Not to mention the base price is about 92k

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