$20k off electric cars in San Diego

San Diego gas & electric (SDG&E) customers are being offered $10,000 off the purchase of a 2017 Nissan Leaf or any 2017 BMW i3 model. This is in addition to the up to $10,000 in state cash rebate and federal tax credit incentives.

Link: https://www.sdge.com/environment/10000-means-affordable-electric-cars-sdge-customers

It ends September 30.

Wow - this looks amazing. Does anyone know if this applies to leases, or just purchase?

Holy crap that is amazing.

Do you have to a CA resident, do you know?

Edit: Yeah you do, it says so in the article you linked. Bummer.

Have a friend that lives in SD? Change your driver’s license address to there and bring in their SDG&E bill. I think that’ll work.

Getting a CA license makes me a CA resident, ie I have to pay CA income tax which wipes out any savings, lol.

Lol indeed. Amazing deal for SD residents no doubt. Wonder if this is stackable with the $4k cash for financing through Nissan. Just a quick glance and truecar is 4k off MSRP right off the bat. Dealers probably won’t like all that double dipping. 31.5k - 4k discount - 4k captive cash - 10k sdg&e - 7.5k federal tax credit - 2.5k california rebate. That would be ridiculous.

In California, car dealer pay you to drive off!!

I wonder if there will be any dealer discounts. A base Leaf is $31.5k MSRP, so with no dealer discount you would be around $14.5k OTD ($11.5k plus about $3k in taxes)

So I reached out BMW of San Diego. It does not apply to leases at least for them.

I’m kind of wondering if this is just a BS Marketing gimmick.

It should be stackable with Nissan.

4k is NMFC + 0% for 72 months
$7,500 is fed rebate
$2,500 is state rebate
$10k is SDGE (if this is a real program)

  • dealer discount

So yeah, on a leaf purchase, you should be looking at $24k off + dealer participation. Sales tax in CA will be based on Sale price (MSRP - dealer participation).

Will probably do more research and report back on Nissan.

The SDGE flyer specifically states “purchase”. There is no mention of a lease other than the California rebate is for purchases or leases.

Here’s the first sentence of the flyer.

SDG&E customers looking to experience the excitement of driving electric are being offered $10,000 off the purchase of a 2017 Nissan Leaf or any 2017 BMW i3 model.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask the Nissan dealer if a lease works

Right, but that’s what makes me think this is maybe a marketing gimmick. A lease is a “sale” so if there’s truly $10k in “SDGE” money, why would it matter if it was a lease or purchase? It’s very common BTW, esp w/ BMW, to see incentives that apply to “purchase” that include leases.

It may be a marketing referral program similar to the one in Northern California:

Drive EverGreen from SCP

So you get the base Leaf at MSRP $30680. Grind them down to maybe ~$26k then subtract off the $20k incentives for a net of $6k. The RV after 3 years is maybe 22% (guess) of MSRP or ~$6750.

You’ll pay sales tax on the( $26k cap cost less the RV) plus registration and any acquisition/dealer fees. But your payment would be basically Nada !

Looks like it could be a great Leasehackr deal

Xcel in Colorado did the same promotion for the Leaf and advertised it heavily. Car dealers were advertising $8k leafs. Still no one bought them. If this would have been possible for an i3rex I would have considered it.

*$10,000 incentive is off of MSRP and cannot be combined with any other Offers or Nissan incentives (Rebates, APR or Leases). This offer applies to all new 2017 Nissan LEAFs purchased from a participating dealer that is located in a qualifying market, and purchased during the qualifying period for such qualifying market. Does not include leased Nissan LEAF vehicles. See your local participating Nissan Dealer for complete details.

How do those federal/state tax credits work? Do you get it right away or is it something you get as an actual tax credit when you file taxes, ie you have to wait until April 2018 to get the money?

You have to wait till you file, and have to make enough that the full $7500 is of actual use when you file your taxes.

That’s what I thought. So it’s not quite a get a car for $5K deal. It’s a potentially get a car for $5K if you itemize and earn enough to make it worthwhile deal. Which can still be OK, but I’m guessing a lot of people have a big surprise when their expected $20K will turn out to be nowhere near that much.