2025 Honda crv hybrid sport L Trim

Hi I was wondering on how I did on this lease? What is my lease hacker score?
2025 Honda CRV hybrid sport L Trim
1500 DAS 36/10k $475 a month

You plug in the numbers from your lease sheet (dealer discount etc) into the LH calculator and it gives you the LH score.

I am new to this so I dont know what i am plugging in

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judging by MSRP of the car in $38k range and your payment of $475 - you may be paying 50% of the cost of the car in 3 years which would get you score of about 7. Essentially saying you could have financed the car and have it paid off in instead of leasing this car twice in 6 years.

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Give it your best try and post a link.

Looking at your contract with most of the numbers, and I guess you could try to reverse calculate the MF?

Is it with tax? I got a quote for $558 DAS 1999 for 36/12K

yes including with tax

So I didnt do well on this lease?

Well… I rarely have seen a good hack on either Toyota or Honda.
It’s not you per se - it’s just those brands rarely have good lease deals.

I think you did pretty good in comparison to what I was quoted . It comes out to be 503 a month for 36 months if I am not wrong.

Can you share if it was through a dealer or broker here?

through a dealer

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I think the point is more that most Hondas don’t lease well structurally, and a used CR-V Hybrid in good condition is never going to have a shortage of buyers. So the total cost of ownership probably would be lower if you bought/finances it and then sold it yourself at a later time.