2024 XC90 Recharge Ultimate T8 eAWD Plug-in hybrid sale price question

What should be my target sale price before applying any rebates and incentives? Zip code is 19111.

My local dealer is giving 10% off MSRP, before incentives.

Below is the link to the build:


I’m thinking 50 cent

How does that compare to offerings in the Marketplace ?

You are in NJ reach out to aronchi. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t charge a fee on volvos

NYCLIFE has a T8 Ultimate around the price of your build, it’s a demo. Check it out. Your build looks pretty much loaded at $88K, most brokers offering new Ultimates are at $81K (not saying they can’t get your specific build but it might be tougher on discount amount beyond what you have at 10%).

Thank you. I’ll reach out to NYCLIFE.

I have a demo ultimate 7 pass w air and powers also posted at 13% and no broker fee at www.aronchi.us

Aronchi, I’ll PM you for some details.