2024 Subaru Solterra Deal Check

Subaru is offering a lease offer for $329 per month $0 down. I reached out to my local dealer and they came back at $427 plus tax with $1389 out of pocket. Don’t they have to honor a manufacturer offer?
I know about other factors and fees affecting the deal and I have read leasehackr 101.

The manufacturer offer often assumes a dealer contribution (i.e., a discount). Each dealer sets its price independently and not all will honor that discount. Manufacturer offers are merely examples, not real quotes from a dealership who can actually sell you the car.

That being said, try using Leasehackr Calculator to create a target deal for yourself including all taxes and fees. Upfront taxes on rebates can add up to a lot.


Even at $0 DAS $329/month, it’s still too expensive for Subaru Solterra. You can get better EV with cheaper monthly payment. Check Ariya, iD4, Ioniq5 or EV6.

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You should be able to negotiate the manufacturers offer or better. These are not selling, and Toyota threw cash at its counterpart the bz4x to get it way lower than the 329.

The Premium Solterra is pretty spartan too, lacking some amenities the BZ4X XLE and Solterra Limited have.

Agreed you can get the models @9benua mentioned for less than the manufacturers Solterra offer by shopping around or using a broker.

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I am in Michigan. Dealers do not sell low like they do in other states.

Not in Michigan. If you know a dealer or someone that can help me get into any of those BEVs listed please reach out to me…

You can ask help from broker and get it ship to you or fly there to pick it up.

Any brokers on here willing to help? I am not picky with manufacturer. Any very affordable BEV is fine and 24/10 is preferred.

Thank you! Does this comment tag all brokers in the Midwest to see my request?

No, you should go there and start contacting them.

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MF is .00190 and residual is 59% seems it would lease out pretty cheap!

Working on a 2024 Subaru Solterra Limited calculator. Quick (dumb) question is the $7500 tax credit under taxed or not taxed incentive?

Taxed. It’s actually lease cash not a tax credit. The tax credit goes to the lessor.

So where does it go under on calculator?

Im just waiting on Edmunds for MF, RV and Incentives for zip code 49546 36/10 or 24/10 to complete the calculator.

Under taxed incentives.

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You could also become a Super Supporter here and get all that same info. :slight_smile:


You know I probably would be all about that if there were more content in Michigan and not so much in California. Most everything is unobtainable in my area. Midwest rarely gets any exposure and I would like to see some pre-negotiated deals here as well.

You’re completely in the dark without knowing RV, MF and incentives — regardless of where you live.