2024 Subaru Outback Onyx Lease Pricing

I am ending a 3 year lease on a 2021 Crosstrek and looking to get into a 2024 Outback Onyx Edition. The dealer keeps telling me that they can budge on a Cap Cost of MSRP. Is this true? I think I made the mistake of letting him know that I knew I would have to pay more monthly than the Crosstrek, but I am to the point of wallking away. I have contacted 4 different dealers within a 400 mile radius and they are all laughing at me when I send them some pricing based on my extensive research.

He sent me a text (not official offer) that is under what I am considering my monthly payment ceiling, but I just feel I could get a better deal, but I am tired of dealing with their bullshit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll get better feedback if you share the offer you sent and what it was based on.

I sent it based on other offers I found on Truecar, Edmunds, Reddit and scouring message boards for prices other people have gotten in the last 3-6 months. It was about 3% above invoice, but I just think not budging off MSRP is ridiculous when they have a lot of inventory that isn’t moving.

The sales rep told me that you can’t really trust the online calculators because they don’t have the right numbers.

The lease programs are only good for the current month. Further back and you are less likely to be comparing apples to apples.

AFAIK the Onyx isn’t excluded from VIP pricing.

And I assume you already checked your payoff and buying services to confirm whether or not you have equity?

Continually leasing Subarus is such a waste of money.

You lease a leasehack and you finance a financehack. Anything outside of that is purely a passion project like a sports car or a gigantic waste of money.

Hear me out…06/07 STI

You have a better proposition?

You buy/finance cars that hold their value well and don’t lease well. That definition fits Subaru :100: