2024 Mini Cooper SE Lease Discounts

I was seeing discounts in the 13% range up through last month. This month the RV took a massive hit from 45% to 36% at the same terms.

With that being said, there are a few of these stacked up at my local dealer and I’m curious if anyone is seeing heavy discounts to get them cleared out as '25s have started landing on lots (gas variants, but BEV to come).

To get to a similar target price of sub $300/mo. the discount would need to be upwards of 18%.

With RV that low, it’s likely you’ll have positive equity on the mini se when your lease end. 2021-2022 iconic SE is currently selling around 18k.

There isn’t much in the compact sport EV market, so I think it will find a floor in the teens. The platform hasn’t been around long enough to know its long term reliability.

I just can’t see dealers getting these to palatable lease numbers with that low RV. 13% discounts were the norm, pushing for greater than 20% pre incentive is going to have some dealers shitting bricks.


apparently the RV is a typo, it’s 46% not 36%

That would make a lot more sense. I thought maybe they tanked it due to the redesign of the Cooper, but a typo makes things easier to comprehend :slight_smile:

Can someone confirms Mini One Pay/Prepay lease.

I see Mini One Pay reduces the money factor by 1, which means 0.000001 MF (this is what i see in LH’s Rate Finder). Is this true?