2024 Mazda CX-90 Teaser

Seems like a news dump day for auto news

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You had me at longitudinal I6/RWD architecture


This whole dragging it out to stay in headlines… I’ll check back in a week or so.

I am definitely interested to see the reviews on this. Could be an actual replacement for my previous gen MDX. It would potentially offer more performance than the Base 2023 MDX and hopefully a little more third row space.


Allegedly, they’ve fixed some of the issues. Oh, and there’s a new plugin hybrid.

Shouldn’t this be in here?

Oops. My b

The proportions are a little awkward and it’s impressive how small the interior opened on the d pillar window is vs the exterior window size, but it certainly looks like a massive improvement over the cx9

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I agree the D pillar is a little off but the interior looks amazing. The engine options seem pretty good - finally a PHEV! I’m excited for the upcoming CX-70

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Not excited at all for yet another mid-large suv on the market. A mazda 6 with that engine could be sweet.

If Mazda makes enough profit from the CX-90 and CX-70, that presumably gives them the cash needed to make more interesting cars (like a 6 and future gens of the Miata).

The exterior styling is a bit meh to me (looks like a bit like a last gen Kia Sorento), but I like overall what Mazda is trying to do here.

Looking forward to the CX-70 (since that would be more in my price range), but not excited to hear that it’s going to be larger than the CX-60 (which is already at the upper end of my width). If they could make something on this platform one size smaller than the CX-70, that would really be great (for me, personally).

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Does anyone know what’s the planned timeline for CX-70?

On a side note now we have f’ing confusing xc90, cx90. Hope someone releases x90c/c90x

Can’t get past what they did with the headlights. Not sure why it’s so off-putting to me, but I find it distracting to say the least.

They’re only awkward because we are so used to the proportions of typical transverse-FWD based layouts.

Those can have an actually shorter hood or a visually shorter hood … accomplished usually via a smaller distance between the base of the A pillar (front door line) and the center of the front wheel well, compensated by longer front overhangs. The driving characteristics of that layout though :-1:t4:

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Pricing just came out and they announced a third engine.

3.3L Turbo (280 Horse): Pricing $39,595-$52,950
3.3L Turbo (340 Horse): Pricing $51,750- $59,950
Plug-in: Pricing $47,445-$56,950

This seems about right, assuming the performance is where it should be given the power, as the 280 Horse replaces the CX-9 for the most part and the 340 is positioned as a range topper against the MDX/XC-90 B6 lower trims. I wonder if there will be decent lease support on the 340 and Plug in or if they will really try to just move the 280 and focus lease support there.

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Hmmmm, I get that Mazda is trying to go up-market but scraping just under $60k before taxes/fees/addons makes me wince a little. I’ve always thought Mazda was the bargain compared to rivals - nicer interior for less money. But I guess it’s just on the higher-end of where the market is right now anyway - 23’ Pilot ($39-$52k) and 23’ Highlander ($36-$49k)

Those models are what the 280 horse competes against and is priced accordingly. They are trying to hit the next level with the more powerful engine. I am not saying it will work, but they are using this vehicle (280 horse) to hit the non-luxury 3 row segment (highlander, telluride, etc.) and the more powerful engine to hit the luxury market (higher trim GCL, MDX, XC-90, QX60). Who knows what happens but 340 horsepower is a solid number if they are giving it a shot.

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