2024 Hyundai Palisade SEL AWD lease

I am looking to lease a Palisade or Telluride (52233 zip code). Would rather do a Telluride since I want 24 months, but will do 36 months with a Palisade for a good deal. I have never done a car lease, I have always purchased. Dealer is saying they would be more willing to make a deal on the Palisade. This is what they have sent me so far. I have not worked on the Telluride price since they seem more willing to move the Palisade. The MF and the RV line up with what I find in the leasehackr calculator. I am going to another dealer to see if I can do better. Still trying to drop the selling price. Is this a reasonable selling price? Are people doing a lot better? From what I was able to find, the dealer price is 3% lower than the invoice with the Kia/Hyundai holdback (don’t know if this is true, and I have been told it doesn’t matter). That would make the Palisade SEL AWD about 39.5K before additional installed equipment. Seems like there is still a lot room on the price. Any input is welcome.

Thank you

This seems like a very poor discount.

~$600/mo is quite expensive here.

Dealer price, holdback, etc., is irrelevant. You need to figure out what discount the market supports. Thats going to come via researching shared deals and marketplace listings here.

That’s $8,600 down… even more if they’re undervaluing your trade.