2024 Genesis GV70 Electric Lease

Just received this quote for a 2024 Genesis GV70 Electrified. This is for 36/10 and 1st month DAS. Getting mixed reviews on if this deal is okay for this car based on searching the forum. Dealer mentioned margins are thin on these and inventory is low so they won’t discount further. A friend of mine and I will each be buying one so they’re getting 2 off their lot. Got a quote from another dealer and it was much higher. Good/bad deal?

Discount a little low, see if you can get 2k.

Not enough info here. What’s your adjusted cap cost or money factor?

Dealer discount is certainly weak. How many dealerships did you contact?

Yeah they’re playing hardball on discount would like to be at 600/month which would be just under 2k additional. Other dealer I contacted wanted 710 a month with 2k down

Sounds like you went physically in…yes the Spider will play hardball when you are in it’s web.

Went in to test drive but never talked numbers. Got lucky were not pushy at all. This is the only Genesis stand alone in the state so didn’t have to deal with Hyundai BS. Talked numbers over phone with GM.

Contact a Broker here and see what they can do and hopefully the Shipping + Fee is not too bad.

I was General Sales Manager for the largest Genesis dealer in CA up until last 5-6 months, when I decided to change careers and I can tell you, Genesis in General, Especially GV70 is selling very slow (as much as I love the brand and I do believe they make very nice cars).
GV70 Electrified inventory has been stacking up for a very long time and dealers just can’t move them. Lease is not the greatest from manufacturer either (residual has never been good, mf fluctuates), so that doesn’t help. Invoice to MSRP there is just under $100 profit for dealer, yet the only way dealers can move it, is to discount the hell out of it.
Please, don’t pay MSRP for the car. Fact, that it has huge rebates, doesn’t make reality any different - Genesis dealers are DESPERATE to get rid of GV70 EVs, especially low trim, which this seems to be according to MSRP shown. you have so much room there to negotiate…

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I’ve genuinely struggled to get dealers to move on their pricing on the EV GV70 to be honest. In total I’ve reached out to about 15 dealers now, the best I’ve gotten was 4k off a Prestige (then the car mysteriously went unavailable), and 2k off an advanced. Most other dealers never even responded to my offers.

All the 2024 GV70 Electrified seems to be gone from NJ, PA & MD.

I eventually gave up on this car for this reason (and the range). I was also looking into the G70 3.3t and they quoted me at almost $900. Love Genesis but they’re a little delusional if they think they can charge more than some MB, BMW, Audi.

Ive got you beat! One dealer responded to my target offer by calling me and relaying a quote at $1375/mo for 36 months, on a non-prestige base model EV GV70. I had to fight the urge to laugh out loud. I politely thanked him for kinda trying and hung up.

Who in the world do they think would ever agree to pay $47k for a lease on a $68k car.

Have you seen some threads on LH?

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Hah, fair point :slight_smile: