2024 BMW M3 CS Announced!

BMW just announced the 2024 M3 CS. Fingers crossed for trunk money.

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By 2025 will there be like $15k in trunk money on them???

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Hopefully by 2025 there’s not 2 horses pulling it.

Time will tell if this ends up getting incentivized like the last CS.

Total shmorgasboard to me…CSL console, cup holder delete (in a 4 door sedan), questionable graphics and colors. Very Type R-like and certainly makes you question (again) who BMW is targeting.

Had fingers crossed for some kind of 4 seater bucket setup a la M5 CS. Sad to not see this.

Totally underwhelming for me personally.

in other news, bmw still makes an ugly car.

BMW still makes an ugly car now with armrest and cupholder delete.

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