2024 bmw ix x50 deal review


Need your input here. First time dealing with BMW and first time negotiating on a lease deal. Zip 46040 (IN)

This is what the dealer said about MF -
The RV is 53% for 10k miles respectively. MF of 0.00109.

Also for 52% RV should i go for 12k miles?

Not the worst deal but definitely not the best either. I’d try harder to get the base money factor of 0.00069

Is the RV of 53% standard for 10k miles?

11% off with a $237 doc fee, no add-ons, even with money factor markup is a very solid deal, past this you’re going to be putting in a lot of work to squeeze blood from a stone.

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Dealer says i should have 800+ credit score for .00069 MF. Is it true? I have 740+ maybe.

Not true but again, you’re getting a good deal regardless. 700+ is top tier for BMWFS

This is a good deal. You could try getting 2% off if you have the patience, but I don’t think there’s much more room than this. Have you looked into loaners?