2023 Toyota Prius

toyota doesnt do orders, they get what they get


well that’s a shame then. seems like it’s going to be impossible to get a prius at MSRP.

what state are you in?



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Find a dealer that does MSRP deals and get on their list.


Lexus dealerships near me finally have a lot of cars on the lot. Toyota, not so much. I wonder if Toyota is giving priority to Lexus vehicles for parts that are in short supply. Since they presumably make more profit on higher priced Lexus models, it would seem to be a good tactic.

i legitimately don’t know where that is. none of them in a 50 mile radius that I called had them and said that when they did they’d be adding in blessings.

I have an le in cutting edge at msrp+ 1k fee. Just sold my limited at the same price. I’m sure I can get others and I can also do orders if anyone is interested.


I just saw an XLE with a $5k markup. Puts it at $42xxx. That’s almost Model 3 territory.

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Has anyone actually flipped one of these or is that just a meme?

Is there really that much room in these? I’ve seen many at msrp

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You got to get creative Jim :grinning:

You’d think there would be based on MMRs? But who knows, seeing if anyone has done it before I get stuck with a Prius


I have a white le in the south at msrp if so

If you wanna end up in the meme lounge I’ll be waiting

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:joy::joy: if you post a popcorn eating gif on my signed thread I’ll prolly just file for bankruptcy


ok, how many blessings in that MSRP?
I guess the fact that you have a white LE still at MSRP could lead people to think there is a market for a trim level with some features.
Or was that not real. if so I am sorry I missed it