2023 Telluride SX FWD

Hi Everyone,

Would love your input on the following deal:

Black 2023 SX FWD (is it a mistake not getting AWD – don’t really ever go to the snow so don’t think I need it…).

Sale Price: $50,030, $2,500 over MSRP, originally had it at $5k over. Can I bring it down to $0 in this market or is there no chance on that?
Gov’t fee: $619
Doc fee: $85
Accessories: $0 - was at $2,000 before negotiating
Taxes: $3884

60 month financing at 5.24% APR.

Thanks so much for your input! Am I missing anything else for feedback?

Try using a credit union for the financing maybe.There a couple mentioned in the thread below which have lower rates for 60 months.

Isn’t a SX FWD sticker something like 45-46k?

Thank you both.

MSRP is $45,490
Paint is $495
Floor mats $310
MSRP including options $46,195
Inland freight and handling $1,335
TOTAL MSRP: $47,530

The above is from the sticker - think I should ask for the paint, mats and freight and handling off?

That’s not how that works. You could aim for a sales discount, but I don’t find that likely given the fact the vehicle started at $5k over sticker.

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I also wouldn’t pay above MSRP, period.

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Think in this environment you can get it for MSRP? Has anyone had that experience? Thanks again all!

Thousands of people have done so, myself included, but it usually involved ordering one or putting a deposit on one in transit.

I would not get a FWD tho. In dry conditions the wheels chirping and inability to smoothly accelerate from a stop are really unpleasant.