2023 Subaru Crosstrek Limited

My fiancé sold her crosstrek to carvana and bought a new one. Details below:

Old vehicle:
2019 Subaru Crosstrek Premium
Sunshine Orange
42000 miles
Sold to Carvana for $800 less than original MSRP

New vehicle:
2023 Subaru Crosstrek Limited
Crystal White Pearl
MSRP: $34,237
Sell price: $31,996 (VIP pricing)
Financed via balloon loan from AmeriCU, $1500 down, $361/mo

Called 30-40 dealers in a 300 mile radius, found 4 that accepted VIP on in-stock or incoming vehicles. Placed a $500 deposit on one, then when it came they tried charging $1300 for titling, and when I called them out on it they immediately refunded the deposit. Called diff dealers and found another one the same day and they delivered it 2.5 hours away for free

Side note: the white pearl is beautiful af



Congrats and enjoy the new ride!


That’s quite the hack! Congrats on getting so much out of the old ride, while managing to find a deal on the replacement car. Goes to show a little patience, effort, and know-how goes a long way.


Nice! I see Lafontaine so I assume you are in metro Detroit area? Even more impressive, when I lived in Michigan and bought our first Subaru about 6 years ago I had a hard time having Michigan Subaru dealerships being competitive and bought from a dealer in the Chicago market.

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Yup the orange one was bought from lafontaine back in 2019. The white one was from a dealer out in grand rapids tho. Lafontaine accepted vip and I would’ve used them again, but they just didn’t have any cars this go-around

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Just drove it 85 miles back to my house in MI. First car i’ve ever driven with adaptive cc and it blew my mind. I literally took my hands off the steering wheel and watched it curve around the highways, slow down when it detects cars in front, speed back up, etc.

For sub 30k I don’t know if there’s a better new car out there. 31k with a sunroof chefs kiss