2023 Rivian R1T Adventure Quad Large, $465/mo, 10k 36mo, $5000 DAS, $600/mo Effective

It’s hard to pull the trigger on one of these when my Lucid is $330 all in and the R1T would be around $615.

It’d sure be nice to have the bed space though.

How is that even possible?

This guy missed lucid mania :sweat_smile:

Ended up selling my Lucid Air and getting the R1T. Payment on my R1T is actually $28 less monthly than the lucid due to state incentives; but main reason for switching was preferring the higher ride height with lucid being so low to ground.

Definitely miss the rocket take off feelling Lucid had and faster charging with long ranger

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There were some insane deals on 2023 Lucids but my heart was set on getting an R1T Quad for a long time.

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$330/month though???

Yea it was tempting for sure.

I’ve thought of trying to sell the Lucid for funsies.

I wasn’t sure how BofA handled 3rd party lease buyouts. Did you have any issues?

No issues for third party buyouts with BofA.


What is the lowest amount down anyone has seen on an R1T?

I’ve been playing with an in stock silver R1T on the Rivian site with the calculator and I’m at 1700 DAS not including the $500 deposit and 814 per month. How much lower will friends and family get me?

It’s a 2024 R1T Dual Large with $75,500 MSRP.

Sorry I’m a little late to the party here I just backed out of a Hummer Deal as I finally drove it and it’s too clunky for my taste.

That DAS on the website is fake. I haven’t seen a DAS below $3k

It’s off because it oddly ignores the $1800 destination fee and tax. My understanding is to change down payment to 6500, then the final monthly is correct but expect the DAS to be $3500-$4000 depending on the state and how they tax.

With FnF, you will be at 3500 DAS (including reservation deposit) and 587 monthly pretax.

Does anyone have a F&F code? I’d do that deal asap if that’s the case honestly.

FnF is not a code we can use. We should place the order and ask Rivian Employee to input your order ID in their internal portal.

There are a hundred employees on reddit Rivian threads that will give you a F&F code and by give you a code, they add their info to your existing 2023/4 R1T large order.

R1S leases are only good if you have a pre-order discount (aka a reservation from march 2022 or earlier).

For the R1T - how do you get the FnF discount if someone is just adding their info into your existing R1T large order?

The Rivian employee using their “code” will take your info (name, email, order number, etc) and then they reach out to the team responsible for the F&F discount to get it added.

Then a few days later the discount gets applied to the order. I’ve heard 2-3 days.

All you do is:

  • Order eligible vehicle
  • Find a Rivian employee that’ll use your order to add the discount
  • Provide them the needed into
  • Wait

Is the FnF discount taken from the cap cost or added as down payment (or am I an idiot and it doesn’t matter)?