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Hey All. Working on a potential 2023 Ram Laramie lease and I can’t seem to figure out where the dealer and I are are apart. I live in PA, but am looking at a dealer out of state. MSRP is $69,125. Selling price is $59,625 before incentives, so a 13.74% discount. $4,750 in incentives along with a $3,000 down payment… this is equity coming out of my current leased vehicle.

On their worksheet, all those numbers are accounted for. The base monthly payment from them is $578.23 with $52.04 in tax for a total of $630.27. The cal’c I did shows $574, which includes tax. This is a very reputable dealer within the Ram community, so I don’t think they are trying to pull something weird, I just can’t find the delta here. Only thing I see

is that their Cap Cost Reduction (showing 7,119.73 on their sheet) isn’t including first month at signing, just the flat $3,000.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


link to calculator with my numbers:

Can you post their sheet?

Just added

To start, your calc is for 10k per year, their sheet is for 12k.

Well… that’s embarrassing. I am toying with all the numbers at the moment, so my bad. Yes, you are correct and I have fixed. Still looks to be a $35 spread and certainly not as bad as the $50 at first.

Your DAS and the fees in your calculation are wrong. Get those correct and the numbers should line up very close.

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I did my best to estimate the fees as they didn’t provide a breakdown of those other than $695 is the doc fee and DMV costs . As far as the DAS, I saw after my initial post and updated. Thanks for the help.

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