2023 Nissan Z Lease - Has anyone penciled one out?

All, has anyone tried to put together a '23 Nissan Z lease?

I was on the Nissan website and it seems there may be a decent 24-month rate/residual combo. Has anyone else dug into this? If it’s compelling, I would love to see some brokers potentially offer an order-only opportunity for these cars.

In January, the following was posted for MF/residual on Edmunds. I am looking for updated numbers:

.00371 MF
Sport: 89% residual
Perf: 83% residual

.00286 for One-Pay

The hardest part is finding one at/under MSRP

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Yes, that’s very true. I am not sure what their allocations look like. Using Nissan’s inventory tool, there’s a lot of inventory for the Performance trim. I’m more interested in a basic Sport due to the higher residual.

Have you approached any dealers about one?

Already tried when rates were even better than today. An order takes a possible 6-12 months which will leave you in a lurch when residuals/MF change. They cannot be locked. Couple that with dealers only willing to do msrp at best. Good luck with your search.


Were you able to get a sample lease quote, at least?

I’m waiting on Edmunds to send back March MF/residual for a 24/10 Sport lease, but below is what I put together for a $41,085 build @ MSRP.

Pretty atrocious unless I messed up the calculator. Definitely out of the ballpark if they’re charging over sticker.

I had it at $400 on a sport. This was a couple months back.

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I have one at msrp + 1k fee. Won’t be in until late April so can’t run a lease but if willing to risk it hit me up.

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Doing a one pay with that mf lands you at effective payment of $536.

One pay with MSD’s brings you down to effective payment of $478. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

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These won’t be good deals until couple years into lifecycle. They will collecting dust on lots by then. It is just a reskinned 370 with Q60 engine.

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The crazy market has them 10-12k over msrp though from what I’ve seen… so might be a good car for some to drive a couple years at or close to free if at msrp


What is the build/spec on that one?

Sold it yesterday. If you want to text me I can put you on a list if I get another.

I’ve yet to see one locally in the streets.

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There have been random ‘stop sales’ on some of the ones at dealerships due to an issue where the hood ‘under road vibration’ abrades the headlights. Not sure what the fix is - maybe an inner tube? :joy:

I’ve extensively searched for a Z Performance and throughout the SE/Mid Atlantic dealers have been asking $5K-$25K ADM. There have been 2-3 dealers (in MS and LA) willing to negotiate on their $5K.

@Jrouleau426’s MSRP + $1K was a steal given current market conditions.

That said I gave up - the New Z is an incredible looking car with very ‘meh’ performance. 6MT gives it some fun driving factor - 9AT not so much. Plus, while they are limited supply today, that will not be the case going into 2024.

Plus there should be a NISMO version downstream. I’d say @Jrouleau426 is correct on driving it free if no ADM, but my prediction is that it would be for 12 months or less - since they didn’t launch as 2024s.

My dealer pulled it from my buyer and will only sell to his state now. So if you live in Kentucky, I have an msrp deal

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And the 370 was a very slightly facelifted 350. IMHO, this car is a massive disappointment. You have to step up to $50k just to get an LSD. Sad. And dealers want an added premium? Yikes. They may get it for a short while, but the party won’t last long.


I’m going to assume the KY car is a Premium.

I’m more interested in a basic Sport lease. If I was to buy, I’d wait until the 2024s to see if the Sport gets the LSD. I too agree this product isn’t incredibly compelling but was open to a deal on a simple spec. If spending over $50k, I’d just go with a Supra or something else.

Here are the Edmunds numbers for the Sport trim:

.00367 MF
24/10, Sport MT - 89%
24/10, Sport AT - 88%

I need to do a quick forum search, but I HOPE there’s a way to turn off the awful fake engine noise. The lack of an LSD in the base trim is a real shame. People often forget the Camaro and Mustang offer more performance for less $s than something like this Z.

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While we’re complaining, it has the same interior switches and buttons as my old 2007 G35.

Agree, if the Sport had a LSD at $40k…that would be a steal. But once you get into $50k range, you might as well get a Supra. Much better vehicle.