2023 Nissan SV Frontier Lease and Truck Options

I’m in upstate NY with my 18 month lease ending soon. It was $260 a month with first payment down. I extended it the max I could for 3 months for just the extra cost of tax and no equity built. It has a very high RV, so buying to flip does not seem like an option. I can do another 3 months after that only if I have a delivery on a Nissan and commitment locked in.

I’ve not been rude, but pretty aggressively pushed back and forth with a local dealer that I know and got my current Frontier from.

Ultimately they know i just need a truck, do less than 5k miles a year (current truck is less than 5k in 18 months) and I’m okay with an 18 month lease, as I’ve mostly just used and will use the truck to help with my business expansion, daily short commute, and occasional 50+ mile drive for a load. I don’t want to put anything other than a payment down.

With all that said, I went from a quote of $2700 down @ $488 a month quote on a P7295 to what they say is an msrp of 44k SV Frontier @ $612 a month with first payment up front. I was told this price is at their invoice cost and there will only be enough profit to pay the guy I’m dealing with his $200. That seems like a hard stop on negotiating.

This is a preliminary convo to get advice before going back to them. They claim they never mark up vehicles and never did during COVID. I looked online on Nissan USA and found i could get a payment in the high 400s with a basic 4x2 with only technology and that probably did not include tax.

I’ll get the sticker to see how they got to 44k msrp. If i am getting value, on this deal, I can handle a $612 a month payment, but boy is that an ouch compared to my current lease.

They currently have no trucks with lower MSRP or I’d push see what i can get on more of a base model with no extras other than tech package.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I would buy it out

Makes more sense to buy a brand new Taco or even Ridgeline than to buy a 18m old Frontier for 97% of its original MSRP.

Have @Jrouleau426 price a Tacoma or Tundra for you. Or @aronchi @CarmaLeasing or @AutoNinjas for an in-state Nissan deal.

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You do not buy out a lease with a 99% RV, you get another car

OP do you have the ability to extend it a few months?

Yeah, the RV is so high I priced out a buy and sell and there is no meat on the bone.

I have about 3 months left after getting an extension. If i had a Nissan lined up for delivery or a commitmeent, as the extension is ending, they’d give me another 3.

Hmm…preorder a Z (are there still Zs?) or a GTR since those are like a year out to qualify and cancel the order?

Based on @AutoCompanion posted rates for the Frontier it does look like the dealer was being truthful… payments aren’t what they used to be. AutoCompanionDealListings - Google Sheets

A Tacoma will probably be $100 less per month and you get a nicer truck.


As much as i’d like to keep it local,
I’d absolutely be interested in getting into any truck with substantial savings.

If a broker or dealer knows how to work a low mileage lease and wrangle me something at first payment down or similar, I’d be open to it.

Similar situation here, leased a ‘22 pro4x that ends in Oct. Buyout is not an option at 99% residual. Also searching for a solution.

Taco double cab 375ish. Lmk


the frontiers are done. nissan 18 month leases are done. nissans run as much as volvos now.


That is a scum bag move.

So is asking for more than MSRP when the special Order car hits the lot.
Or worse yet, selling your SO car to someone else who paid more for it.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m hoping to finalize this week or next for a Tacoma with @Jrouleau426

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