2023 Nissan Frontier CC SV 4x4 $38k MSRP for $347+tax and first months as DAS

Forgive me hackrs, for I have did a cardinal sin in lease hacking.
I walked into a dealership to test drive a car and walked out with a car while not having the deal finalized before that… Ops… But, but, but… I have plenty of excuses to dish around :rofl:

So with time not on my side, at least this site helped me keep current on what is leasing cheapest each month, including this. Frontier was one of the choices, along with the Altima and maybe Mazda CX-9. I didn’t see any EVs being low monthly payment leases.

This new car is a car for my wife, and so I wanted to make sure she’d like it hence we went to do a test drive to a dealership with the kids. So here are the excuses:)

I did contract most of the Nissan dealerships around to get a quote, even the one I got Leafs from. Only one dealership gave me an actual quote over the phone on Frontier S, shown below.
Interestingly, it wasn’t much different from Brokers on the same car after adding all fees and taxes. But the dealership was about 2 hours away.

Then this weekend, we went for a test drive to the closest dealership, where I was asked the proverbial “What can we do to make a deal today” after the test drive. And I presented them with that quote and told them to beat it. Took them about 10-15 to come up with “We don’t have an S CC but we have SV CC for this much”

I thought about it for a bit, looked reasonable enough, and counter-offered at $370, where we shook hands.

It took them another 30-45 min to prepare everything in the finance dept while we played foosball with kids and some table tennis.

Walked into finance, started to sign docs, and was presented the below contract which states to be paid in cash close to $2k at $370pm. Oh, man. Walked out of there in 1 minute.
But to their credit, GM walked into Finance and said they are eating the differences, and I do pay only the first month, which I did and drove home in the new car.

Now, if someone can help me figure out how to do this contract in the calculator since DAS on paper has nothing to do with what happened in real life, that would be awesome. I guess I could have forced them to redo the contract to match real life but this is the second time happening so I was like, whatever.
Have the same type of contract on my leaf where DAS has nothing to do with what happened in real life so not sure how exactly they do accounting for that.

There are two redeeming points - my wife really likes the truck (which is a big surprise to me), and it’s only 18 months so I get to repeat the process soon enough


Quickly looking at this, it’s almost exactly where I got one this past week for my dad. Nissan raised the money factor this month so deals are a bit worse than before.

Im confused by the total of payments $9558? Thats 531/mo

See the line for total DAS being close to $3k? Yeah, I didn’t pay that. How… still a mystery.

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My only buyer’s remorse :rofl: is I think I’ve seen such payment on $40k SV, which leads me to believe they are with Tech package while mine is on $38k MSRP without one.

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True das was 370, 370 pm for 17 addtl payments? In my head my logical explanation if the dealer ate the addtl DAS, is to adjust discount to match, no?


Yep. $370 DAS with 17 payments of $370. I was told that GM told Finance they are eating the difference in DAS, which still makes me wonder as we aren’t in desperate times to do so.

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What’s your tax rate, 6.5?

6.375% (10 char)

The closest I can estimate is that you got 2.4% off…

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There’s that 615 dollars I can’t figure it out where it came from, but the depreciation and rent charge #s line up.

Contract is written weirdly, cap cost of over Msrp, with all fees, a ccr, and first+tax due at signing, but they have an addtl 615 in ccr.

My brain says, that phantom ccr was them making it work for contract submission.

If you went off how the contract is written, this calc would be that, but the dealer eats the drive offs at signing and there’s a 128.xx tax that I can’t bother to eliminate.

They sell it over Msrp, eat the fees to make submission to NMAC easier is my best guess.

Here’s that:

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Thank you.

That’s what’s weird about it - the quote sheet was for MSRP - $1,300 + fees.
But the contract started as if they were selling for over MSRP.

Why go to all that lengths if it doesn’t look like a big loser deal? I doubt they would have issues submitting it for MSRP at $370. Based on others’ experience, this looks just like an average deal.

Anytime, but if everyone is happy, and you get to hack another lease in 18 months, all’s for the best!

More likely than not it is a minimum finance line or something, people has similar issues on Tacomas during the Covid-19 clear out. As I was thinking earlier, but if someone more familiar with NMAC can chime in, please do!

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I am working on some deals for the higher spec configuration. I am also trying to see if they would offer it for the PROX-4. I have some time on my hands, no rush in buying. I will keep you posted

no idea why you didnt get an altima lol


Deer proof?

I did keep my eye on your offers so Altima was in play :smiley:

Wife test-drove Altima right after Frontier but liked the truck better. :roll_eyes:

Now if you hit a deer again, you got meat for good 6 months. Throw it in the back and take it home.