2023 Mercedes EQE350 or 2024 JGC 4xe Deal Check?

I was offered this deal from a dealer. Any guidance on where I could get the payment lowered? I’ve heard of some being able to get this vehicle into the 600s-700s range.


@derekoh1991 is gonna miss slinging merc EQ

If it happened it can be found in Share Deals & Tips

Current offers are in the Marketplace

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Eh, you think so?

Consider shopping from oarfish or mb.joey and get it shipped to FL. We did it for a friend and he was still better off even after paying for $1900 for cross country shipping.

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Yeah you probably know the EQ leases so well by now you don’t even need a calculator.

But selling Camry LE with 60 month 0% loans is going to be so boring.

I am at $850 for shipping, lol

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Well, we will see. I am going to lease all of those, now that I have out of state leasing open at the Toyota dealerships

You got Lexus too? Or just Toyota? And is California in scope or is it an excluded territory?

Just Toyota. I can do Cali, I suppose. I am supposed to go in there in January and figure every single thing out.

There are closer sellers in the Marketplace

Proximity can save a lot on shipping.

He just said paying the shipping was worth it with the deal he received and I am sure the OP is aware of the obvious as to proximity vs. shipping.

Why is everyone’s deal always not good enough?

Yeah @Advanced_Auto, @derekoh1991 (who literally posted his deal in this thread), and @AutoNinjas should all be able to beat that original EQE 350 deal by over $100 a month. Hit them up first before trying to ship a car across the USA.

Just don’t try to back-stab @AutoNinjas or pit the brokers against each other trying to undercut deals lol.

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Finally decided on the vehicle we want to go with. This was the first offer the dealership gave me, first time leasing so any guidance is appreciated!

The answer to the “how is this random dealer offer?” question is always the same. You need to step back, research comparable deals on here from brokers and shared deals, then apply the lease programs as they apply to you to generate a target deal. Thatll give you the information needed to judge the quality of your deal, and more importantly, give you what you need to make offers rather than ask the dealer how much they want you to pay.

Is it better than their offer after their comission?

Just curious what is the $799 dollar predelivery service charge?

And also to know which trim to target: won’t a loaded version of the base trim 4xe have many of the same features at a much lower payment?

Yes. Definitely the way to go