2023 Mercedes EQE SUV 350+ 4Matic | MSRP $80400 | 24/10| $342/mo | $2k DAS

Was deciding between Ariya and Lyriq but stumbled upon this ex-loaner with 4k miles on it, near base trim MSRP $80.4k, priced at $51.3K after dealer discount, AMEX fleet, and lease cash and with some doc and dealer fees.

Lease terms 24months, 10k miles per year, MF a little above buy rate as the dealer wanted to make some money on financing and offered more dealer discount to make it worth my while.

Monthly was $342 with tax after $2k DAS. I probably could have hustled a little harder to get buy rate MF but wasnt worth it at that point, feel the deal was pretty good.

Got dealer to purchase all weather mats for the car, got free wallbox enroute from MB now and 2 year charging with EA.

So far enjoying it quite a lot. Thanks to previous folks for putting their deals on here to guide my one efforts.


Congrats. How does the drive compare with other EVs you have test driven?

Ha, I actually test drove this one, was deciding between this or an eqe500 there, decided to take that one instead. Congrats, great deal

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How do you approach dealers to strike a deal on a loaner? Do you just ask them if they have a loaner they considering to lease? Thank you

Hi @NCsnoozer nd All,

Couple of questions on 2023 MB Service Loaners.

  1. Are these sold as New or Sold as Used? Reason for asking is to understand if we qualify for State Rebates if any.
  2. Do we qualify for Electrify America Free Charging?
  3. Any other things to be considered before leasing the MB Loaner vehicles?
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check on their inventory, send emails, make phone calls.

Different dealers sell as new vs used, need to check rebate availability case by case.

My vehicle was eligible for 2year EA promotion but you need to check each car and u think more recent model years may not be anymore?

Im not sure about other things, this is my first time doing it and seems like a very reasonable alternative to brand new car in the future for us. The car is in brilliant condition and heavily discounted, may just push to find one thats a hit more impressively loaded out in the future but thats being picky, this one serves all our needs easily.

Many post separate section on their dealer site for loaners or courtesy cars. If not check used car listings for less than 4-5k miles and check out this car histories, many will be loaners and then just reach out to the dealer.

I prefer the drive lyriq RWD but not as quick as ariya awd or lyriq awd. Obviously the build quality and feature set are very nice on this and in sport mode i feel like its quick enough for me and the torque is great through 100mph easily.