2023 Mazda CX9 lease quote check

I got this quote for a 2023 CX9 touring 36/10. I have not rolled any equity yet. I rather cash the equity out which is approx. $3500. It seems a bit high for a $40k, but I also have not shopped for a lease since covid. The tax rate is 7%.

MSRP $40,200
Cap Cost $38,449.81
Acq Fee $650.00
Rebate $ 500.00
RV 58%
MF 0.00057

Adj. Cap Cost $39,983.81
DAS $891 (1st + registration fee)
Monthly $499.07 + 7% tax = $534

Any advise will be appreciated!

You should do yourself a favor and type out the 5-6 most important numbers to maximize your feedback.

A lot of people are not going to pinch/zoom/squint on their phones.


I’ll edit this shortly. Thank you.

I pinched/zoomed/squinted. Bigger dealer discount and make sure you’re confident what your trade is worth (get other quotes). These don’t lease well so probably a better finance candidate.

You might want to purchase it instead of leasing it, because in some parts of the country Mazda is offering $3K customer cash for purchasing, although it does not work with the 0% APR. Also aim for deep discounts like $2-3K below MSRP.

Why they are charging 7% tax on entire residual portion + rent charge (499.07)? Shouldn’t tax be on the residual portion.

The MF should be around 0.00009
since it is 0.00057 it looks like they marking it up ~1%, that’ why your payment is a bit high.

You should reach out to @AutoNinjas. They quoted me a better price than that for a Touring Plus in FL.

It’s added to the monthly. Unless, I missed something

I emailed them a few days ago. Thank you.

EDIT: As it turns out, the message was in my draft. LOL

One of my local dealers is still doing an over MSRP market adjustment on these. Can’t imagine seeing $2-3k below on anything where I am.

I currently have a 2021 CX9. I got a quote from Carmax which the local dealership will match. Carmax offer was also higher than carvana.

I checked on Edmunds, and they said there are no supported leases for my region.

AFAIK, Mazda Financial stopped doing leases on the CX-9. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

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