2023 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring Deal Check 24/12k

Looking for a CX-9 and I don’t know if it’s my region (Texas) but I can’t seem to do better than MSRP. I realize I get hosed on the taxes upfront which makes it less of a deal out the gate, but so far no dealer is offering any further incentives. I’m not even seeing the .02% subvented MF. Is this normal for Texas buyers? Anyone doing better? I don’t qualify for any stackable rebates to discount further.

I checked in the market they chucked $1000 and the MF was pretty high as well. 0.0001 was literally laughed at and I could hear the giggles over email responses.

The deals are for northeast and the dealers there aren’t playing ball at all. Strict No

This was for 2023 so basically if you still wish to go for the offer upgrade it to 2023 at least

Thanks. This was for 2023 as well (updated topic to be accurate). New to leasing but guessing that Texas is more challenging with the tax rolled in (unless tax credits are offered). Seems like it’s set up to incentivize buying.

If it’s Texas, the search starts with looking for a brand with tax credits.

True. I have been doing that. Looks like some brokers are offering Jeep and BMW with tax credits. But is there is a better way than calling everyone and requesting a quote?

Starting to understand why so many people drive Jeeps here :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a big fun of Mazda, but it seems like you are going to pay bmw x5 price for a cx-9. At least buying/financing would be better choice for Mazda.

That mania was very specific to the Wrangler PHEV and AFAIK it’s already dead.

Yeah, that’s where I’m currently leaning as well.

Thanks. I was not seriously entertaining the idea of leasing a Jeep. There is a noticeable amount of Jeep folk out in Texas though.

.00071 is the MF for other trims, not the Grand Touring (which your MSRP appears to be). Did you make sure they were applying the correct MF of .00001 for the GT trim?

Rate Finder, Latest Deals and Edmunds forum say GT can get .00001 :person_shrugging: