2023 Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium @ 0.9% for 36 months

Went with Mazda’s offer of 0.9% for 36 months that’s present on Current Mazda Incentives & Special Offers | Mazda USA

~4% off MSRP.


Not a fan of that exaggerated plastic cladding on CX-30 but otherwise, congrats on your purchase and enjoy your ride.

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Congrats on the new :blue_car:

Nice ride! Enjoy it.

Thanks! It’s mostly for my wife.
We had a Mazda3 before (no plastic cladding there) that we sold late 2022 (thinking we don’t need a second car but times changed quickly); we might have traded it in and get tax credit back but that’s that and unfortunately I can’t change the past.

We were set-up on a Model3 lease but for us would have costed $2k/year to add it on our insurance (and we did shopped around) compared with $500/year for CX-30/CX-5/BMW X3.

In 11 months the lease expires for my other car so I’ll be still keeping an eye on the market.

What did your OTD cost come to? Any markups or paid MSRP?

I believe I mentioned in the original post: ~4% off MSRP, no markup.
I think the loan in total is for ~$38k with sales tax (a bit over 10%), title and what else was there.

I was looking at cx30. The best i could get is 2000 down for 320 a month.

That’s good for a CX-30 Buy, last year I was able to get $350 with 4000 and that was with E-Plan

I didn’t look at lease offers for Mazda and went for the loan, partly because of ~4-5% of MSRP (or better put, no dealer markups, probably because they have hundreds in stock in my area), finance offers and partly because I like a lot the engineering they did on newer Mazda products with focus on the driver and experience while driving (and less with big screens with all the controls on them and interior LEDs).

These are the offers they have today:

  • 0% APR on CX-9
  • 0% APR on CX-50 Turbo Meridian
  • 0.9% APR on MX-5, CX-30, CX-5, CX-50
  • 2.9% on the rest

In 10 months my 3-Series lease expires (I only have 17k miles on 36k miles allowance and $28k to purchase it) so I might get a mileage credit to lease another BMW/Mini but if market will be as today (low inventory on BMW side, more cost cutting on their cars (new 3-Series compared to mine)), I would probably go to buy another Mazda with 0% APR (looking at the upcoming CX-70 with RWD based architecture similar to X3).

I leased my 3-Series early 2021, I was still able to get a small discount on it but it was before I heard of this forum and my lease deal is most likely not great compared with what others got around the same time. (I think I have a $4k downpayment and $570 before tax monthly with 12k miles allowance)

When your lease expires, are you looking to get another lease? If so, I’m curious to know why you don’t just buy the car?

The CX-30 Turbo I purchased it with 0.9% loan.
The 3-Series lease I returned it (I wasn’t that happy with the car to keep it).