2023 Land Rover Range Rover & Range Rover Sport

Hello, my lease on my Lexus is ending in December and I’m trying to plan my next move. I am in Pittsburgh, PA. I need some help finding out the Money Factor, Residual Value and Cap Cost of a Land Rover Range Rover and a Range Rover Sport so I can figure out the payment prior to going to the dealership. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there are any leads on good leases please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Go edmunds. Look up “range rover MF residual” on google. then ask your question there.

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Correct answer is become a leasehackr supporter and get your info here!


The numbers will be hideous.

Payment is high on both. Just signed an effective $2k payment on a $98k Sport Dynamic.

This isn’t the car to get if you’re after a good lease.

Leasing is not the answer for these. Finance is.

Will try that out. Thank you

What do you recommend looking at?

I lease my vehicles under my business and can write off everything so I disagree with your comment. Financing a car that depreciates is not the way to go.

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You clearly do not know much about the current RR market. Maybe take a little more than 23 minutes of read time on here to familiarize yourself with a few things. Also, Section 179. GL!

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23MY Cayenne, BMW X5 maybe?

I love my Rover and think it’s a great car that’s worth every penny, but this is the furthest thing from a Lease Special car there is. You get one because you want it and not because of the deal.

Yes I agree. I’ve had 2 of them and would love to get another. I’m not stuck just on the Range Rover though just shopping around to compare. Figured i try this site out but so far I’m not too fond of it. I have time so I’m gonna just keep doing some research. I appreciate your input. Have a great week.

Anytime. Look into financing a RR/ RR Sport if it’s the car you like, talk to a CPA about how Section 179 can benefit you.

You’d have a much lower payment than a lease and the cars have great resale value.

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Lmao 25 min of read time and a handful of valuable advice given to you, but you’re “not too fond of it”.

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People here tell you as it is. We don’t sugar coat stuff like dealers or as r/askcarsales on Reddit does. It will sting when you are presented with facts.

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That’s true… listen to @Jrouleau426

This is not a place to come if your expectation is to be handed a deal; well… maybe try the marketplace lol, but do some work/research ahead of just going after people bc you’re offended somehow

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