2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid. Help on a buy, please!


Hello all,

This is for my father - can anyone please help on this? I cannot believe a Sorento Hybrid is this much - what needs to be chopped other than the absurd 3k after market nonsense? Located in NJ

You should ask for a discount, don’t ask them what they would offer, MAKE them an offer (say like 5% off MSRP).

Also separate the trade entirely until you’ve agreed on a selling price. Then, negotiate the trade. What is the trade vehicle?

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See what @Jrouleau426 can cook up. He works with Kia as well

Have you seen anyone get 5% off MSRP on these? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hybrid SUVs are usually over MSRP, especially Kias


it’s a 2007 Lexus IS. so I honestly didn’t expect much from them. Even a 3rd party was higher than the 1500 offered.

Nope! Was just throwing an arbitrary number out

I paid 2k over msrp for mine. They gave me more than Carvana for my lease though. Got 6k. Overall wast a terrible deal with the trade. Also in nj

I have a PA Kia dealer contact who only sells for MSRP. I see he has 4 EX hybrids in stock of different colors. DM me if you want to pursue this.

Do these qualify for the $7500?