2023 Jeep. Using online price as sales price

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Been doing the email/text dance with about a half dozen local dealers over the past week trying to get the best deal on a ‘23 Jeep GC 4xe Overland.

I found one dealership offering an online price that’s 10% below MSRP — all other dealers show a 3-4% discount max. (Note that this is shown as the online discount “for everyone”, not the price with conditional discounts I don’t qualify for.)

Unsurprisingly, when the dealer sent lease numbers via email, the sales price was not provided, but I was able to determine they were using full MSRP. When I said I wanted the advertised discount plus incentives ($7500 EV + $4000 regional bonus cash), they told me that the lease incentives “are a much better deal” than the online price, implying but not directly saying that it’s one or the other. I assume this is BS. When I pressed it, they refused to discuss further in email and gave me the old “come on down to the dealership” response for every subsequent inquiry.

So here are my questions:

Is there any legitimate reason a dealer couldn’t honor both the discounted price they show online and the lease incentives, other than they’re hoping I’ll go along with it and pay hundreds more per month?

I know advertised discounts are sometimes excluded from incentivized financing. Is the same true for lease incentives?

Since this discount is shown online, I’ve sent the link to other dealers and tried to leverage it but got no bites. One dealer told me a price that low is “not possible in this market,” and another said they could get “close to that number” but refused to discuss details unless I come in, and has ghosted my follow up questions. :expressionless:

Basically I’m wondering if this is worth continuing to hammer on, or if I’m truly wasting my time.

Its simple. Their advertised discount includes incentives already.


Screen shot the ad when you can.

Our website pricing at machaikchevy advertises all retail rebates and excludes the “optional” adds.

Also, the “internet SM” is in all probability not extensively knowledgeable on leasing programs- much less has access to a calculator to get you a quote quickly.


Here’s a screen shot. The “everyone price” is what I’d expect to be a starting point before adding lease incentives.

Thank you!

Try Ourisman Jeep of Bethesda. Their Volvo store is very aggressive with pricing and the same GM is over Volvo and Jeep.

It seems like they will happily combine the advertised price with the $7500.

I had one dealer showing discount of $8212 on a $62155 22 GC 4XE. Got excited. When I gave them all the incentives I qualify for and the final lease price, they came back saying ‘Oh, the discount already includes $7500 rebate’

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Agree on ‘everyone’ price. I’ll say that they may have a ‘propack’ or other adds that they hit clients with when they show up.

Ourisman of Bethesda is notorious for a website discount that doesn’t line up. Best of luck getting them to honor it. I’ve tried a few times. I’m partial to Ourisman of Clarksville of course but there’s a lot at Bethesda I’d take if they actually honored their discount, even with incentives.

Do you have affiliate or Tread Lightly? That will give you additional leverage to get to 10% wherever you go. But also Overlands aren’t as strong for leasing as some other trims.


Thanks! I have access to affiliate through family but haven’t followed through on it yet. In my last FCA purchase, the affiliate price came out even with what I negotiated without it, so I ended up not using. But that was during peak COVID when cars weren’t selling. In the current market it sounds like there’s a lot more upside.

Oof. Yeah, this price for a 23 Overland is so much lower than others I feel like there was to be a catch. I just can’t figure out exactly what it is.

Their price includes incentives

Right, and that would still fall under the category of “I can’t figure out what it is.” If the dealer discount includes undisclosed incentives, I don’t know what they are, because all the current incentives I’m aware of (that every other dealer also advertises) are itemized separately.

not to be a jerk, but did you really think that they were advertising 13% off pre-incentive?

I did actually because they also listed out separate rebates totaling $4k on top of discounted prices. Their ‘final price’ was $62155 - $8212 -$4000 = $49943 :smile:

That’s by design.

Instead of wasting your time like this, create your target offer with the help of the forum and then start making offers.

Not to be a jerk, but isn’t this the appropriate place to ask these questions?

I’ve bought plenty of cars in my life, the last 3 of which have been negotiated with internet sales departments in advance. In all those cases, I’ve always started with the lowest online price I can find, and then work down further from there. It’s always been a slog, but it’s always gotten me a really good deal. Occasionally there’s been something hidden in there but usually it’s all above board and varies significantly from dealer to dealer.

This is my first lease, and I realize I don’t know everything, which is why I’m here. In my mind, if a dealer is willing to sell a car for X discount and is advertising that price online, national lease incentives provided by a lender or manufacturer would be an additional discount. When I asked this dealer, they told me to come in and talk about it.

The core question I’m getting at is: is this really a nonstarter or is it just how these negotiations go? The answer seems to be that it’s a waste of time because there’s clearly something hidden here, even though it’s not obvious what it is. I really appreciate that insight.

But come on, asking “did you really think…?” is a pretty arrogant answer for someone who’s asking for help, in a forum designed to help people. I would much rather ask the question than find out I’m overpaying my lease by 200 bucks a month for the next 2 years.


Yeah and in another thread a member here is offering an intro to a dealer for 12% off on a 22 GC4xe, so it’s absolutely a fair question.

Considering Koons was fined big bucks by Maryland, I think they’d happily honor the pricing if one threatened to go to the AG if they refused. Seems like something the AG likes to focus on (instead of the crime problems in Baltimore and PG County).

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My suggestion is to ignore their advertised price.

No one is going to advertise an actual deal as strong as youd like, so work out what your target price is and make them an offer.

Stop asking dealers how much they want you to pay.

Right on the money :clap:t3: .

Not sure why some are directing others to Jeep Bethesda. They are not about that life. They tried to do volume last year, but stopped. Management team left in December. New GM came in, and he was switched out just last week

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