2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 ~$57k ($570/month 3.5k DAS)

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4. The thing is optioned out. Passenger Screen, Luxury Tech Package, Appearance Package, Tow, Screen package.

MSRP: $56,750
Selling Price: $51,217 (9.75%)
DAS (OTD): $3,524
Black Friday Rebate of $1k

(Never worked with this dealership before either)

$570 a month. 39 months. 10k mi/yr. Honestly, I have no idea why they discounted this thing so much. Got them to tint all the windows and the windshield. Also got them to throw in some accessories (All Weathers, Cargo Privacy Cover)
All done over the internet. Also, they’re delivering to me from about an hour away.


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Wow crazy discount for in stock.

They did a dealer trade! They didn’t have one with the passenger screen on the lot. I’m not questioning their tactics. They are consistently marking down vehicles $2-5k at the start

There should have been an extra $1000 tdm you could have gotten from www.jeep.com

Did you sign already.

I haven’t signed. I have tried multiple times to get it but cant! 3 different laptops and 2 phones but no dice.

Any tips?

Have you tried opening Chrome in incognito mode?

Yea I did. Thankfully the other guy got me one.

Was about to say use that or a VPN lol

Where is the offer? In the form of a popup?

Edit - i see the popup now, but says its only eligible on 2022 models? How did @jakobh2 get it on a 2023?


How did you get it to pop up?

When i went to build one, at the bottom it popped up

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Where did you find this? I am not having tons of luck in Columbus?

@jakobh2 Would you be able to share your contact for the dealership that gave you this deal?

This is exactly what I’ve been hunting for and can’t find and at that price!