2023 IRA EV/PHEV Lease Credit "pass-through"

According to this (Volvo contract), any additional fee is listed in Section 23 - is that just the disposition fee or is there something else there?

Just the $450


Sounds illegal?
Are they planning on changing the wording of that page?

So you obtained this by signing a deal? If so, congrats on the new car. I don’t imagine there is anything else on that page I should be concerned about?

They may just not want to make one think they can buy out early before actually going in and signing the contract. So they “accidentally” left that out.

They probably just left out the page that didnt have numbers on it. The idea that someone would actually read the whole terms and conditions and isnt just asking yo see the numbers is probably unheard of.

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There were 2 other pages included that didn’t have numbers, so… could be an honest mistake since he scanned in the document before emailing it to me. :wink:

Any idea if I buy current bolt lease if it would qualify for the 4k and/cvrp?

Wouldn’t that be an ideal situation. I doubt that would be possible but I’ll wait for an answer from people who know better than me.

CVRP is only for new leases and purchases. There’s already a lot of discussion in this thread about buying out your current lease and being eligibility for the federal tax credit — if you scroll up.

That’s what I thought but then on the cvrp savings calculator you can select used and it gives a figure based upon that. Upon second look it seems like a utility specific thing that’s just populating there.

$2K CVRP and if you are a low income, they give you more…

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Did you hear that Ford is rolling back prices on '23 MME?

New 2023 pricing just announced!

This is amazing - $4000 off my incoming MME plus $6500 PCO plus $7500 tax credit plus $2000 Ford Options!!!

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I guess this would mitigate most of sales tax so that is kinda nice…

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Only on new vehicle purchase/lease, not on lease buyouts

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Yea mine is 1500 via utility, still some offset of tax.

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I just hope that Ford will let me capture on my incoming $56K '23 MME:
$4000 price drop (Premium RWD base)
$6500 PCO (model year transition rebate)
$2000 Ford Options
$1000 Ford Pass points VISA redemption

$7500 Tax credit ($25 under max MSRP)
Plus the $2000 state CVRP

Net cost = $34K before TTL

Was this given because of an MSRP increase from 22 to 23? If so, can they try to not honor it because they just reduced the price on 23s?

Great deal either way.

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Yes, the PCO was given to those that had '22 order converted into '23 with the higher prices.

The PCO was supposed to drop the price down to '22 level.

I just love that my very delayed incoming '23 MME Premium base is going to get an additional $4000 off!!!

Whoo hoo!

I highly doubt they will give you PCO plus new price cut. Plan for being offered one or the other.