2023 Honda CRV EX-L 2wd deal check

Is this a good deal? I’m gonna be returning a 2020 Acura rdx that will have no equity but should qualify me for loyalty. Sale price is just a suggestion, don’t think the dealers in my area are offering discounts though. I Haven’t reached out to the Honda dealer yet but am taking the rdx to Acura next weekend and they are next to each other.

You need to plug in the dealer doc fee and registration cost, those definitely aren’t $0

Thank you, I missed that. I updated the link.

Any reason you’re not considering just financing one?

Mediocre lease where you’re paying $19k for a $35k car. That otherwise has a fairly high real world resale value.

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Is this a good deal?

No. This is a car you should be financing.

Why did you select the 24 month term?

I’m getting this for my parents who will be moving out of the country in 2 years. They have another car if they need one for a few extra months but it’s a big truck and my mom can’t drive it.

Even if you finance this car, you can always sell this to anyone at anytime ( in 24 months or even sooner if you prefer ). But if you lease this car, and need to exit earlier than 24 months, you would be limited to sell to Honda dealers only, as they dont allow 3rd party buyout, but if you do finance, then you wont face this restriction.

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Its a discount on a crv hybrid, which is a plus, but finance it, dont lease.

If you negotiated a discount on a CRV hybrid that’s a fantastic deal but those lease payments are painful……

Have you thought about doing a 24 month lease on a ID4 instead? Would be much less for a similar size vehicle that keeps you away from the fuel pump


Guy that’s a $600/mo payment on a $30k vehicle. No, just… no. You can lease a Passport or Ridgeline and even with the added gas cost still come out ahead by thousands$ a year. My $62k Volvo costs less to lease than this.

Or just buy it and sell it to shift/carvana/etc in 2 years for maybe 35% depreciation.

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