2023 EQS SUV 4MATIC $112.7k MSRP — $782/mo & $2,479 DAS (+MSDs)

Managed to find a local dealer who was able to make this work and made my wife really happy.

MSRP: $112,745
Discount: 13.08%
Incentives: $12,500
Sales Price: $98,000
MF: 0.0027 (0.002 after MDSs)
RV: 66%
Term: 24
Miles: 10k
Dealer Fees: $249
Tax: 0% (NJ)

$2,479 DAS +($9,000 MSDs)


Good deal – increase in RV compensated for the reduced discount

No tax in NJ is also awesome

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Thanks for sharing and congrats!

Glad someone took my advice to hunt for an SUV deal! Congrats.


No tax in jersey for the win again

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Congrats!!! Was MF marked up or it different on SUV ?
P.S Brokers really need to step up with this EQS show and help people who hate talking with dealers :slight_smile:


New 4xe lol

Be prepared to be charged 1000+ broker fee


1000+ is not frequent here, but gladly will pay reasonable amount to keep my sanity :slight_smile: I feel sometimes like I’m taking with Stone Age people or complete imbeciles;)

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It’s not that we don’t want to bring you those deals, it’s that those kinds of deals tend to be exceptionally time consuming vs new car deals that are replicable long term.

If a consumer is willing to pay an outsized finders fee for that kind of deal then that may be something worth looking at but the reality is that we could roll 3-4 new units in the time it takes to find and roll one of these deals.


The MF is MB tier 1A. Not marked up.

Make sense from one side, but we see them popping up here, so they are becoming not that unique. Well that $497 still remains unique.

I believe someone already mentioned
Go to car gurus
Put under 10k miles
Check carfax some are not even titled (don’t quote me on this)
Target the ones already discounted 20k+
Call/email the GM directly the salesmen are the ones who are poop and have no idea if it’s a loaner
Once the GM says yes
Ask for base MF

:slight_smile: happy hunting

Much more fun to find your own deal
I found 1 but not down to travel to NorCal


I know technical part, but btw they are not used, that’s the trick. Loaners are listed as new. Painful part for me is actually discussion/negotiation. We are all different:)

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And as much as I hate to say that even if you find the one store who has 20 of these they are desperate to fling to all corners of the country at say…14-16% + rebates and not mark the rate up….

Inevitably you will always get a prospect who agrees to everything and then walks into the dealer asking to match the one crazy unicorn deal. Not worth neglecting your primary customer base over, IMHO.


I like to search new, organize by highest mileage

If you look at the carfax symbols on the page, the ones that don’t say one owner are the ones not titled lol

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That’s awesome. Congrats!

I hope you are not expecting to score a similar deal on the SUV.

Of course not, I’m not expecting that even on sedan.

So what’s your realistic discount off MSRP?