2023 Bolt EUV Premier $336/m

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2023 Bolt EUV Premier
Options: Supercruise Package
MSRP: $35495
Selling Price: $34,895 (knocked it back to pre-hike MSRP)
Incentives: $6,000 (local utility and educator)
Region: Denver, CO (5% local and state tax)
Cash Down: 9,500
Tax Credits: 7,500 Fed and 2,000 Colorado (A wash with the cash down, will reduce withholding, so I don’t give the govt. an interest free loan)
APR: 5.79% (Bank of America)
Term: 72 months
Effective monthly payment: $336/m


Congratulations! Enjoy your EUV powered by those tasty state and federal rebates.

Post pics in the Trophy Garage

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Nice deal. I was just watching a YouTube video and they suggested some winter tires or better all seasons for the snow for the bolt.

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Snow tires are crucial with the Bolt! I’ve had one for three winter seasons in ME. But with snow tires, drives like an AWD :slight_smile:

Congrats! Crazy Utility rebate as well - makes this a stunning deal. Enjoy the Supercruise!


If not too late, I just got 72m financing from Capital One through a dealer for 4.59% in early January.

We were actually waiting on getting approved from Tower FCU. Tower seems to take their time, so we went with BoA as a stopgap. Just got the approval yesterday, so we are going to convert the Tower FCU approval into a refi and lower our APR to 3.49%. Should bring the payment down to $315/m.