2023 BMW X5M or Mercedes S580 Deal check

What’s a good deal for a 2023 BMW X5M nowadays? 2024 already showing in dealers.
I’m wondering what % should I be aiming for. Thinking 10% might be doable? The car has sit for more than 60 days with like 40 miles.
Dealers told me their profit is like 5% which I doubt. Also interested in a 2023 M5. Considering x5M would be more expensive tho. Looking for advise and thoughts.

Looking to lease, not type of car I would want to finance unless it’s cheaper.

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What is this based on?


Dealer profit is probably 30-35% so you should start there.


That’s a bold statement right there.

X5M’s hardly go under MSRP anymore, unfortunately.

It would be wrong to say it’s “impossible”, but it’s unlikely unless the car has a story attached to it.


Thats sarcasm right there

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Indeed, and it’s still a bold sarcastic statement.


Do you want/need an SUV? You’ll find better discounts on M5s based on my brief research between the two models you mentioned.

If you are just deciding between these two, you will have a lower monthly on the M5 in most scenarios.

Just a random guess based on 2023 models in general

I see, not even for a older model that’s been sitting there for a while? Seems in WA not many people really wants to buy a x5M

It’s just more aggressive… actually we have a CRV so SUV is not really needed. I am wondering tho why m5 has a better discount, I have saw the other post where someone can get 10-11% off msrp for m5

In terms of a popular model that you’re pushing for an extra discount on a car on the lot for 60 days isn’t that long especially for something north of $100k.

60 days isn’t really a long time…we’ve seen desirable vehicles have well North of 120 days on a dealer lot & at one point we would see vehicles approaching a year on a dealer lot indicating an unwillingness to discount is part of the business model they have chosen.

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There is no limit for sarcasm. Just ask @Bostoncarconcierge

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Internet message boards are the best medium for conveying sarcasm well


It’s not the size. It’s how you use it.


:warning:Let’s stay on topic.:warning:


Got you, thanks for the info. What would be a reasonable discount? 3-5% maybe? Seems M5 might be a better option to aim for

A year? Omg dealer must be losing money on that right? By holding that long. Eventually they have to discount the car

@JohnCaza would be the man to ask when it comes to how much discount you should get on the x5m