2023 BMW x3 xdrive30

Is this a good deal in this market? Couldn’t seem to replicate it exactly in the calculator but roughly ~7 year score there

2023 BMW X3 xdrive30
$2000 due at signing

2023 X3 xdrive proposal

Looks on par with what brokers currently offer: 6% dealer discount + buy rate and 2500 rebates that you qualify for (I’m sure I’m off a little on reg fees and taxes):

Grinding for better discount might be uphill battle, but doesn’t hurt to try. Other than using MSDs or one pay to further improve it, I think you’re petty much topped out.


I’m doing 8% on the above but it may not be worth the shipping to CA.

Looks good if local.

What’s the trade in?

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So we are returning our leased 2019 x1. While the lease deal seems good, I feel like they haven’t given us much on the equity of our x1, which is around $3-5k above the residual value. Trying to see if we can get someone to buy it out so we can get something on that too

Have you tried @BMW_Dave ?


Have you checked to see if you actually have equity? The X1 has been completely redesigned for MY2023, and because the old X1s didn’t even have blindspot, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t equity.

Right now, the third party buyer like carmax, autonation, etc just can’t buy out your x1, only dealer or yourself can. I ended up just buying out my 2020 x3 and to drive it a bit more before I sell it. My residual was 28.5k but I saw local dealer is selling a similar CPO for 38k, a trade in to 3rd party is 34k at highest.

Thanks that’s a helpful sanity check

We are also getting another $1k new grad incentive but will see if anything else can be done

I have not. The residual is $23.8k. Car max said $27k but obv they can’t buy it. Autonation gave me a quote for only $23k so not sure what we can do at this point

Signed a week ago. x3 xdrive 30i. msrp $54,1k , selling 48ish. 39/10 (loyalty). das 2500, 550/mo tax inc. mid west

How you score such a good deal. Did you have a trade in?

Good deal in this market. Assuming 7% tax, that’s roughly about $590/mo all in at $0 down. I am sitting on a $52k 2021 BMW X3 at $516/mo + tax (roughly comes out to be close to $50/mo paid in 3 installments) on 36/12k which makes me $566/mo. Roughly would have been $550/mo on 10k. You have $2K more car which adds about $55/month to payment. Not even getting close to that deal hear/near S Carolina.

No I did not. Just established some relations with the dealer and lucky me there’s not only old grandpas like in all other dealers.

@Benz551 if you’re on the hunt nationwide I could ask my dealer if they can do oos /ship to ya

Check Driveway and also Sonic BMW dealers. Maybe you will get lucky. Not sure if Group 1 has BMW dealers near you.

I have shipped other cars before ($650-$850), but the savings per month x 36 exceeded those values. I’m always open. I believe there is equity in my vehicle. Just want something different than black, and looking for new wheels/rims. The brake dust is too much for me on those 19” Ferric wheels. Don’t have the patience unfortunately. Thanks.

Sonic and Penske consistently seem to be the most conservative on appraisals IME.

Any thoughts on how to get more value for our 2019 X1 xdrive we are trading in as a part of this transaction?

Ask any SoCal brokers here for a quote, seems like a few in your area buys BMW’s.

Sell it to the highest bidder instead of trading it in