2023 Bmw x3 lease deal or no deal?

Mf 0.00145
Residual 53
See attached
Monthly $670

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Which BMW model, what year, etc etc?

Whoops how did I miss that?
X3 sdrive
7 miles

How does it compare to what @IAC is offering?

Looks like a momentum deal.

That’s probably a end of month deal, likely that’s gonna be exactly where I’m gonna be less the dealer adds.

Hate to give up the business but I would have them back off the Permaplate and take it. Could you send me the full sheet?


well this car has options added over base, no msd and a little lower or down payment. So I can’t compare as much but let me check again to make sure.

Yes it’s momentum. :sweat_smile:

Ok that’s what I was thinking. Let me try that! Thanks for your input.

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Certainly, we’re happy to help even if we’re not getting your business!


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I updated the title to reflect the model.


Why upside down on trade? Did you value it elsewhere?

I knowww :sob:. They tried to offer lower. But it was in line with kbb, carvana, etc. I leased that 330 with miles already on it as a loaner…along with my added miles dropped the value. So I’m looking forward to being positive on the next trade now that I know that mistake. It has 45k miles. I still have 6 months left on lease so more miles if I keep it.

If I keep miles low on next lease I should be good with equity right? It was my first lease :smirk:

With a BMW? Unlikely. Hard to predict the future but historically it’s not been a good strategy.

Anyway, do you actually drive low miles or are you sacrificing some of your quality of life in the quest for some equity at the end?

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Rule of thumb. Don’t expect equity at the end of a BMW lease.


No, I don’t drive low miles. I’ll turn in whatever it will be as I see it’s not likely to get positive equity. But from what I can see, the taxes kinda balances it out a little. Without a trade it seems I would pay $3k taxes on new car, with trade it’s lowered by almost $2k.

Not sure I follow. Every TX deal posted here with tax savings has been a rebate from the lessor.

I do not recall seeing any consumer generate tax savings just by returning a leased car. They never owned it so they’re not the recipients of the tax savings.