2023 BMW iX - does it still have lease support?

Wondering if MY23 iX50 and iX M60 still have lease support? I’m getting mixed response from dealers and hard to tease out whether its VIN specific or lease support has just been totally dropped.

Yes, but the MF is much higher than it is on a 2024 or 2025 - it’s 0.00111 vs. 0.00069 on the others.

It still has $9,900 in incentives, though.

Are you targeting a loaner or a random new one that is left? The loaner may not have much in the way of incentives.

Both MY23 and MY24 loaner and new models.

When I last did the calculations a few months ago, the increased MF (.00111 vs .00069) and reduced incentives (9900 vs 5500) for MY23 loaners were offset and by significantly larger discount. It still made mathematical sense to go for a loaner. However, these were one offs where the loaners were >24% off and new MY24 ones were at 11-12%. At 16-19% off, it doesn’t really make sense. I didn’t pull the trigger because I was trying to budget other expenses, but now I may have to offload my car to my parents and so re-entertaining the lease.