2023 BMW i7 electric is it better to lease or purchase

Hello I’m neww here

Can anyone recommend me is better to lease or purchase right now.I am in OH

2023 BMW i7 electric

I have attached both of the proposals

Thank you

Edit : Actually paying $10k getting $7500 back and paying $300 less.

Thank you for your reply.
Like I said I’m new in this but where am I getting $7500 back?

That looks like a mortgage payment not a car payment


Oh ugh this isn’t made in the USA, no 7500.

Do you really want an electric? You could lease a 7 series for like half of this, or less, gas is still cheap, and electric has some range drop off in the Ohio cold


Msrp too high anyway

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I’m predicting healthy consumer incentives and bags full of trunk money on these by this time next year.

Do you need something now?

[sorry, I know that wasn’t your question :slight_smile: ]


The lease is stupid. No sane person would ever take that.

The finance depends on your opinion of what the value will be in N years. Since there’s no data it’s your guess.

It’s also like 80K over the limit for sedans.

As for leasing this: that’s gonna get a hard no from me.
I was looking through desk log earlier and saw a deal on one of these. Big ugly.

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Q: 2023 BMW i7 electric is it better to lease or purchase

A: no


This may not be the best time to lease this vehicle, however in 10-12 months I predict these will be going for about half the monthly lease rate you were quoted.

You’d need like 25-30K in trunk cash to get there assuming a dealer gives up all the Invoice and AVP behind it.

What is avp? Like reserve?

Often referred to as holdback.

BTW I don’t know anyone who’s willing to plunk down $93k in Lease payments on a 135k car.

It might not be worth 42K at lease end. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

OP. It’s your money but I think you can do better at the end of the day.


Based on todays MF/Res but those will get played with if they wanna move units.

I’ve been watching inventory of dealerships, and it seems like they are sitting like rocks right now. For the price range the OP has listed, woiuld put him in a league of elite vehicles.

Available on lots nationwide.