2023 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus

Nothing is leasing well these days. Shopping for a car is not fun at all.

Basically take what was offered to you back in 2018-19 and add 75-100% to it and that’s what things are going for these days.

What incentives were included in your deal?



I think the Q5 and SQ5 are getting close to being good leases in the current environment. Just need some incentives and 10%+ discount.


I think they had couple thousand dealer allowance but you could also get around 15% off, decent RV, and the MF if I remember correct was 0.000198

Pre or post incentives?

We always talk pre- incentives here

Yes the check was the best part of your deal. Kicker here, 2016 Cayenne E-hybrid and 2019 Sq5 are selling for close to the same in the used market today. Maybe the 57K porsche WITH 10K was still better, but of course older.

European luxury cars are expensive to service. Without a prepaid or included maintenance plan, its always better to find an indy shop that you trust. We are talking about $100-125 in oil and parts here.

Biggest problem for the SQ5 right now is the MPG. At 19/24MPG, how much extra per month in fuel when compared to Model Y Perf? Yes diff cars…but…

I don’t drive much so I’m not concerned about the gas mileage. I’m even open to getting a v8 with much worse gas mileage if it’s a good deal.

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What is your tax rate? CPO should be around $2,500-$3,000 iirc. That doesn’t make sense how it could be $11k with sales tax to buy the lease out.

Also, anyone who pays $650 for an oil change is a fool. Yes, the maintenance on any Porsche is expensive…but an oil change on a Cayenne can be had for $200-$250.

I’m not following this at all. Who is shopping the German market, with fuel mileage as a primary concern? If even a handful of mpg difference is that critical, why are we even discussing unnecessarily expensive vehicles? People that tight for money are not buying Audi, BMW, Porsche, MB, etc. This blows my mind. It’s almost like saying I’m not going to purchase a 488 because the tires have too short of a tread life. :man_facepalming:

And if we’re bringing electric (I.e. Tesla, gag) into the equation…let’s run the numbers as to what is really costs to purchase a Tesla EV versus a much cheaper gas alternative, which achieves 30+ mpg. It’s all nothing but a horse and pony show.

Oh I see so that’s why Audi etrons are the most marked up, bmw has new full electric sedans and mb has the EQS. All those people were looking for gas guzzling v8’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks to OP for sharing another data point.