2023 Audi S6 lease. reasonable deal or not? $1335/month (including tax)

help me make a decision. how would you rate this deal considering the current environment?! (high interest rates, supply chain limitations)

2023 Audi S6 Premium Plus quattro with S Sport package, S6 Design Edition package, Audi Sport Express Red stitch package. Costco incentive

I wouldn’t pay 53k on a S6 for 3 years despite the “current environment.”
You will get a much better deal on a M550i or the E53 for leasing
If you’re set on S6 I’d recommend you find outside finance.

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yeah, I am set on the S6.
My local credit union is offering 5.2% APR on new car financing. you think that would be a better route?

$53k to lease a car with MSRP of $85k. So yes, finance.

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@Samaudibh - ask Sam for a quote.


Or ask @DonnyAudi if you can have this: https://www.audicarlsbad.com/new/Audi/2023-Audi-RS+6+Avant-570f56140a0e0a9005b400cabe973fa9.htm



RS6 is too fast for my blood!

100% sold out

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That’s a good start as it’s better than Audi Financial’s 5.99 for 60 months. But either way it sounds like a pay to play at this point. I can only suggest you to ask around other dealers and see if they can beat it and take the best offer from there.
Btw I believe your money factor is also marked up by 40 points, base MF should be 303 not 343.
Good luck!

This is purely my opinion - if lease score is less than 6 (in this case 5.3 per your calculator) - just buy the car. The amount you will pay over a 3yr lease seems like way too much vs. total cost of the car.


Yikes. Imagine asking if this is a good deal and not already immediately knowing the answer upon learning you’ll pay $1300+ per month to rent an $85,000 car.


Hey at least he asked before, not after he got hosed like some others lol.

But yes what a horrible deal to lease

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Doesn’t look reasonable at all.

another dealer just sent me a slighter better deal. $1132 (pre tax) with MF 303 and $4000 discount. 5.4years
will reach out to my credit union next wee to get an official finance offer

I dunno if I’m reading this correct, but the down payment went from $3k to $10k and total cost is still north of $52k. If you’re at all considering this, you need to read Leasehackr 101 and take a step back.

There’s no further advice that can help you here.


My boy you’re completely lost when it comes to leasing.

Finance this thing if you MUST have this car


my mistake, its $5K down

It is still a terrible deal.


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