2023 Audi Etron GT


I’m in the Bay Area, CA trying to negotiate for a ~120k MSRP Etron GT. I know there are quite a few incentives/rebates right now, but I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Im also currently leasing an Audi. Any advise would be appreciated, and I’m open to any good offers

For some additional context, I’ve been looking at Audi S7s as well, but lease numbers look pretty rough all around right now.

Costco members have a $5k credit for the e-tron GT from March to April 2023.

I just started searching for one and only talked to one dealer so far but they quoted me with no discount off MSRP other then the 7500 credit. Were you able to get a discount off MSRP?

So far I’m getting 7.5k credit along with 5k Costco credit. The sales guy is saying he “found” an additional 1.5k lease credit for me and can get ~4.5% off MSRP if I come in, but he might be BSing

8-9% is a good target off MSRP for new 2023. Can always ask for more but the more you ask the less chance to get a deal. 15% is unicorn and employee pricing.

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Getting 6% pre-incentive off a 2023 should be extremely easy

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do you mind me asking which dealer? I am also in the Bay Area looking for an Audi EV. assuming MF is reasonable, that might be the best deal on a 2023 to be honest.

Please call me at (424) 281-5606 and I will take care or you personally.

Don’t pay NorCal prices


I might be working on one of these. :crossed_fingers:

But I do actually have a dealer in Texas who is willing to let a few of these go at a solid discount.


But can you do $387/mo?


Not on a ‘23.

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Even 2021 would do. Can you? lol

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What can you do it on :eyes: :eyes:

If they made them back then….

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That’s the point at $387/mo

Did they ever post the contract?


I have faith in you!

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One of the people I referred to you back during the Costco E Tron suv times has been trying to get a hold of you for a trade in.

We believe in everything posted on LH.