2022 X7 Build Advice from Experts

What do the BMW experts think about this 2022 X7 build:
+M Sport
+Cold Weather Package
+Parking Assistant
+22" Wheels
Glass controls

Is this a pretty good and desirable build for the X7. Wouldn’t call it loaded but seems pretty good.

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Are you planning to try to flip it, or transfer it later?

If no, just get what makes you happy. :slight_smile: People’s opinions on the value of individual options or packages for cars they plan to keep to maturity will vary widely.

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Options are like colors. Get the one(s) you want and ignore everybody else.

To add on to what you’re saying, flips and transfers are more about payments and payoffs, not really what specific options one has.

It’s a 2022 so you don’t really have a choice anymore in how it’s built past doing a locate and dealer trade.

I don’t think the OP is ordering a build, which as you noted is too late for a MY22.

I’m guessing this is a build they found on the lot.