2022 X3 xDrive 30i Lease Review CA NorCal


Our current X3 lease is ending soon and we got a new lease quote from our local dealer. I wanted to know where we can push him to lower the price.

This deal seems pretty awful to me because we’re currently paying a lot less for almost the same MSRP, but that was 3 years ago and the market has obviously changed. We have the option of extending the lease for another 6 months but if we can bring the price down to something we are more comfortable with it would be great to not worry about this for another 3 years.

I think that the MF should be .0019 and the residual should be higher.

Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated!

What did edmunds say it should be?

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We are offering 9% off MSRP and buy rate if you can come sign in SoCal. No added product


I’m finding rates showing it should be closer to 57% I believe on my paperwork it’s 53%

Theres no “closer to”. What specific number did edmunds give you when you posted on their forum in the x3 thread asking about the exact trim youre looking at, for your zip code, for the number of months/miles per year youre doing?

This isnt something you can try to extrapolate.

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I guess ‘crash and burn’ describes your search and research skills…but I’ll help…look below for your term specifics and plug numbers into calculator.

Wow. I didn’t realize that deep discounts were a thing in this market

It’s all in who you know…

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Very much appreciated! I posted on there, looks like once I have those numbers I can try to push for some more off MSRP.

Thanks but wouldn’t be able to fly/drive down